TNT: Weakness of Beatrice Volume 01 by Kamachi Kazuma

This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m back with a fairly odd series. It’s Weakness of Beatrice Volume 01 by Kamachi Kazuma!

Plot: This series is Kamachi Kazuma’s take on the Isekai and LitRPG genre and it features his usual oddball storylines. While there is much more fluff than usual in his other stories it’s still got a really off the wall odd plot. Frankly I’ll admit it went over my head but that might have been because I read this when I was sick about a year ago. So take my reluctance with a grain of salt. That being said if you don’t like any of his other works, Beatrice’s story will not appeal to you either.

Characters: Beatrice and Boo-Boo are our two main characters and they are about as different as you can be, one’s a highly intelligent beautiful young woman and the other is a literal ogre. The fact that they are romantically involved with the other is just the icing on the oddball cake. The rest of the cast is just as odd as the our two leads.

Overall: A fun, but possibly confusing story with fluff and the usual Kamachi oddball plots of world domination.

For those who like: Isekai, LitRPGs, Fluff, Romance, Really Odd Plot, Even Odder Cast of Characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

Sensate Saturday: Mikkakan no Koufuku by Miaki Sugaru

This week for Sensate Saturday I’ve got another Quick Review. It’s¬†Mikkakan no Koufuku, or Three Days of Happiness in English, by Miaki Sugaru!

Plot Synopsis:A twenty-year-old with little hope for the future discovers a shop that buys lifespan, time, and health. This is a story dealing with the ensuing consequences.

Plot: I’m not really a fan of this, it’s the typical “Deal with the Devil” stereotype and frankly I don’t think these stories really ever end happily. Plus if you’re going to sell your lifespan you’d do it for more than $1000 per year sold right?

Characters: Our main character, whose name I’ve completely forgotten since I read this first chapter ten minutes ago (Gimme a break, I’m still sick), isn’t really all that likeable. In fact I pretty much hate this kind of person. I’ve got a pretty depressing life myself, so when someone else just throws theirs away without really trying it sickens me. It’s the same sort of thing I hated about Unbound Deathlords for those who read my Wednesday columns.

Art: The art is okay, but frankly wasn’t enough to keep me reading this story.

Overall: If you can stomach these kinds of stories, I guess this might be interesting, but personally I just find them depressing and enraging.

For those who like: “Deals with the Devil” Plots, Romance (Or so the genre tags told me).

Not for those who don’t like: Either of the above, or just depressing stories in general.