Sensate Saturday: Hana wa Sakura by Kawai Yuumi


This week for Sensate Saturday I’ve got another Quick Review. It’s Hana wa Sakura by Kawai Yuumi!

Plot Synopsis: At a time when the world was still at peace, to the east of the capital, a beautiful dancer of Noh named Hakubi appeared. He was keeping a terrible secret that he couldn’t tell anybody…

Plot: The plot of this first chapter was pretty interesting, and it was an interesting look into the world of traditional Noh performances. For those who don’t know Noh is a type of play that was only performed by men, no women performers were allowed even for female roles. I’ll probably keep reading this series eventually. That being said it didn’t hold my attention enough to make me want to read more immediately.

Characters: Hakubi is a really interesting protagonist, as for the why I’ll leave it to you to find out. Souma on the other hand seems to be the arrogant pretty boy stereotype that is so common in Shoujo manga. Hopefully he’ll get more developed over time. As for the rest of the cast we didn’t get introduced to many others, but there were a few. Okubei for one was pretty interesting.

Art: The art of this series was great, which is the main reason I’ll probably continue reading this in the future.

Overall: This seems to be fairly interesting, so I’ll give it a go ahead for those who enjoy Shoujo manga.

For those who like: Drama, Romance, Supernatural, Noh, Interesting Plot, Excellent Artwork.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

Manga Monday: 1001 Knights by Sugisaki Yukiru


This week for Manga Monday I’m doing another Quick Review of a series I stumbled across a while back. It’s 1001 Knights by Sugisaki Yukiru!

Plot Synopsis: A tale of mystery and magic. Naito and Yuta Fuuga are twin brothers with very different personalities. While Naito is elegant and good in school, Yuta is athletic and often winds up in fights. Despite this, they maintain a close relationship. When their father turns up missing, both must travel to Dubai in search of him

Plot: This first chapter leaves a lot of unanswered questions, which is great because I love having plenty of things to grab my interest. That being said it is just the first chapter so far. I’ll get to reading up to the latest chapter soon, but for now the plot is excellent from what I can tell just from this first chapter.

Characters: Naito and Yuta are interesting, if only because I have a younger brother myself and we are almost completely the opposite in terms of personality and interests. Arthur on the other hand is a shady figure who I really don’t get yet, hopefully that gets resolved soon. So far I’m enjoying this cast.

Art: The artwork is excellent, and it’s a purely Josei style artwork. So it’s not as soft as Shoujo works but not quite as hard as a Seinen or Shounen series. That being said I’m enjoying the hell out of this so far.

Overall: Definitely going to say give this series a try, so far I’ve enjoyed it and there are plenty of unanswered questions for us to learn more about as the story goes on.