Video Game Tuesday: E3 2019 Reactions

This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m back with a look at this years Christmas in June for gamers. It’s my E3 2019 Reactions!

Microsoft: I wasn’t expecting to hear a name regarding the next-gen console when they teased Project Scarlett. Other than that the conference was rather lackluster and was mostly teasers with a notable lack of gampleay trailers for those games. One notable title that was announced, at least for me, was one that is set to for release next year, Tales of Arise the next Tales of game. Thankfully Tales of Arise will release on more than just the Xbox One with releases on both PC and the PlayStation 4 as well.

Ubisoft: The only real thing of note was the confirmation of the leak that occurred shortly before the conference that said that the next Watch Dogs game would take place in London and would allow you to play as any NPC in the game. That last was a bold move, but I’ll believe it when I play it as other games have tried it before and those NPCs were mostly bland and uninteresting characters to play as. Other than that it wasn’t that interesting a conference.

Bethesda: I had hoped for something interesting here, but overall it wasn’t that awe inspiring so they get a failing mark here.

EA: Mostly focused on Star Wars Fallen Order, but as I’ve never considered EA anything but despicable I wasn’t expecting anything to really impress me and I wasn’t disappointed with that expectation.

Square Enix: They showed off the Marvels Avengers game, which is probably being released too soon. The fact that people will look at it and expect certain actors to portray their favorite heroes is only a bad thing and is going to cause issues. Other than that it wasn’t that great a conference, but the appearance of Yoshi-P on stage to the reception he got was heartening.

Nintendo: And here is the big winner of this year’s E3, Nintendo blew it out of the park by announcing multiple things including the inclusion of Banjo and Kazooie and Erdrick from Dragon Quest in Smash Bros. But the biggest surprise was the announcement of Breath of the Wild 2 which has sparked off huge amounts of speculations in the community who are hoping for a playable Zelda and/or co-op play. Personally I’d love to play as Zelda in this next installment.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!

Retro Game Friday: Banjo-Kazooie


This week on Retro Game Friday we are reviewing one of the best N64 games I can remember playing back when I was a kid, Banjo-Kazooie.

Plot Synopsis: Set in Spiral Mountain, Banjo-Kazooie follows the story of Banjo, a male brown honey bear, and Kazooie, a red female bird who is always kept in Banjo’s backpack. The game begins when a foul-tempered witch named Gruntilda learns from her cauldron that Tooty, Banjo’s younger sister, is the most beautiful girl of all, making Gruntilda extremely jealous. In retaliation, Gruntilda creates a machine which can transfer a person’s level of beauty to another, which she intends to use with Tooty. She then abducts Tooty from Banjo’s house while he is sleeping. In response to the kidnapping, Kazooie wakes Banjo up and the two set out to rescue her.

Plot: Probably the weakest thing about this game was it’s plot, it sucked because it’s a pretty standard rescue damsel in distress stuff. That said I still had a blast playing this game.

Gameplay: It had interesting power ups and collectibles in more forms than just Stars or coins to collect like Mario did, so I enjoyed that a whole lot more. That said it was a pretty freaking hard game for me to play as an kid, and I never did beat the last boss if I remember correctly. It’s on a rare list of games that I’ve never completed the story mode, and it’s the only one where I did it not because of the game itself, but my own lack of abilities.

Graphics: Back in the day, it looked pretty freaking good, now a days it’s still decent in that 240p sort of way.

Music: Awesome, it had music that was great for it’s gameplay, and matched up perfectly for everything I was expecting back then. Now it’s nothing that great, but still worth praise for how it was back then.

Characters: Of all the characters I enjoy Kazooie the most. She may in fact be a reason for my snarky attitude, since she is the queen of snark in the game.

Overall: If you have the money to spare, you can buy an HD remake of this and Banjo-Tooie, the sequel, on Xbox Live’s Marketplace. It’s worth it if you have younger kids who shouldn’t be playing FPS games yet, but like to game. Otherwise only play it if you want to experience the glory days of Rare’s game making.

For those who like: A witty cast of characters much more interesting than any Mario game, Platforming, Collecting a lot of stuff to beat the final boss.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, but how can you hate a snarky red bird that lives in a backpack?