Video Game Tuesday: A Lament for Birthright

This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m talking about a game I wish had seen the light of day. It’s A Lament for Birthright!

Birthright? If the above image wasn’t enough of a clue, I’m talking about Mistborn: Birthright, a game that was in development for years, and was ultimately cancelled.

Haven’t you talked about this before?: Yes I have, and I still hold that it could easily be an amazing game but recently I played Arkham Knight for the first time thanks to PlayStation Plus offering it for free. It got me thinking about Birthright again and what might have been.

Why wasn’t it released?: According to statements released by the developer Little Orbit and Brandon Sanderson it was due to multiple things, but mainly it was due to funding. Frankly I think that the Little Orbit just bit off more than they could chew with trying to handle such an ambitious game properly. I’m thankful that they didn’t release a subpar game which is what it was possibly going to be given how long it was in development with only a single concept art, pictured above, being released.

So what could it be like?: Frankly I’d love to see it be a game that mixed Arkham Knight and the Spiderman PS4’s movement and gadget system with Shadows of Mordor’s Nemesis and combat system. The story has already been written by Brandon Sanderson, so they just need to make the game around that story. Arkham Knight was quite fun and I loved how the stealth system so seamlessly used verticality. Most other stealth games like Assassin’s Creed and it’s like just don’t handle verticality as well as Arkham Knight did it with the Bathook being usable at pretty much anytime to quickly traverse up and down. That is my dream game I could see being a huge hit, but frankly I doubt that we’ll get that lucky to ever see such a game. The Mistborn series has an amazing magic system that is just screaming to be used in games, what with Steelpushing and Ironpulling being able to be used for both movement and defense and attack. And that’s just two of the sixteen powers that can be used to make gameplay very interesting.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday. What do you wish Birthright could have been like? Leave your thoughts on it in the comments below!

Bookish Wednesday: Best of 2017

Hey all I’m back with a short post for this week’s Bookish Wednesday. It’s my Best of 2017!

Best Novel Overall: Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson. This should come as no surprise to anyone who reads this column frequently. I love Sanderson for his amazing works of fiction that are simply outstanding. Oathbringer is the third in the Stormlight Archives sub-series of the Cosmere mega-series, and covers so many amazing events that has huge impacts on the rest of the Cosmere potentially. So many interesting things happened in Oathbringer that when I was done with it a full week and half before it released for sale, thanks to Tor sending me a review copy, I was left with the realization that I had just made myself wait even longer than most people would have to wait for the next in the series. I’d call it a buzzkill to the emotional aftermath of finishing that book, but it wasn’t. I’m just excited to see what fellow 17th Shard members will dig up.

Best Debut Work: Morningwood, Book 01 in the Everybody Loves Large Chests series, by Neven Iliev. I mentioned it briefly in my post on this book, but I loved listening to this in audiobook form. Jeff Hays did an amazing job at narrating this book. I can’t wait for further entries in this series to come out in Audiobook format, so I can enjoy the various hijinks that will occur and the mayhem that follows.

That’s it for this week’s Bookish Wednesday.

Sensate Saturday: Fantasy is the Highest Form of Fiction

Hey all I’m back this week for Sensate Saturday with a quick essay on my feelings about Fantasy. Fantasy is the Highest Form of Fiction, in my opinion!

What do you mean highest form?: I mean that if Fantasy is done correctly it’s the best genre in all of fiction. It serves the purpose of literature to allow readers to experience things they otherwise couldn’t, and while many contemporary fiction books cover rare or hard to experience situations and events, they aren’t out of the reach of people, just costly or impractical, or illegal.

Why?: Well if Fantasy is done correctly than no other genre of fiction can really take you to completely alien worlds and cultures. I’ll point to any of Brandon Sanderson’s many Cosmere works as shining examples of what I’m talking about, and they are also my personal gold standard for judging any and all books. The Cosmere novels completely take you away to worlds that just don’t exist, and yet they make sense to us and we can easily relate to the characters. Not many authors can achieve the mastery of the genre as well as Sanderson, and the masterful way he comes up with complete worlds, with customs, cultures, religions, magic and many other things is truly spectacular. That isn’t even including his incredible pace for writing either.

Why isn’t (Insert other Genre here) as good as Fantasy?: Because if done correctly it’s still a world that is Earth, or a culture we can relate to because of it being distinctly “Terran”. That isn’t to say there aren’t masterworks in other genres, I’m not arrogant enough to believe that and I personally love many other books that just aren’t in the Fantasy genre. The Harry Bosch series is one of my favorite series of all time and yet it’s completely grounded in American culture. Connelly pulls off amazing mysteries, but they just aren’t as unique or otherworldly as stuff Brandon Sanderson writes.

This is all of course my opinion as is everything else I write and personally I’d love to read other’s thoughts on the matter. Do you agree or disagree with my claim that Fantasy is the Highest Form of Fiction? Leave your comments down below.

Bookish Wednesday: Books to Watch for in 2017


This week for Bookish Wednesday I’ve got a list of books to look forward to. It’s Books to Watch for in 2017!

Etched in Bone, The Others series, by Anne Bishop: This is the latest book in an awesome Urban Fantasy series, if you haven’t been reading it yet you need to. It’ll release on March 7th, 2017. Possibly the final book in the series, we’ll see.

Silence Fallen, the Mercy Thompson series, by Patricia Briggs: This is the 10th entry in another amazing Urban Fantasy series. I’m looking forward to it, as Mercy has always been a favorite heroine of mine.

Oathbringer, Stormlight Archives, by Brandon Sanderson: Another in the Cosmere Mega-series, this is releasing sometime this year in the fall.

Cold Reign, Jane Yellowrock series, by Faith Hunter: This will be the 11th in this Urban Fantasy series, another female heroine I enjoy quite a bit.

Honorable Mentions:

Peace Talks, Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher: It’ll be the 16th book in the series, hopefully it’ll be out this year, but I said that last year too.

Doors of Stone, Kingkiller Chronicle, by Patrick Rothfuss: I really hope this releases this year, but again I said that last year. Maybe it’ll come true, at least I’ll have something else to look forward to, in this year that has been anything but hopeful thus far.

Winds of Winter, A Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones), by George R. R. Martin: Supposedly it’ll release this year, I’ll believe it when I see though.

That’s it for this week’s Bookish Wednesday, are there any books I missed that you feel I should’ve included? Leave a comment with their names below!



Bookish Wednesday: Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson


This week for Bookish Wednesday I’m covering the second entry in the Mistborn Adventure Series. It’s Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson!

Plot Synopsis: The trilogy’s heroes are now figures of myth and legend, even objects of religious veneration. They are succeeded by wonderful new characters, chief among them Waxillium Ladrian, known as Wax, hereditary Lord of House Ladrian but also, until recently, a lawman in the ungoverned frontier region known as the Roughs. There he worked with his eccentric but effective buddy, Wayne. They are “twinborn,” meaning they are able to use both Allomantic and Feruchemical magic.

Shadows of Self shows Mistborn’s society evolving as technology and magic mix, the economy grows, democracy contends with corruption, and religion becomes a growing cultural force, with four faiths competing for converts.

This bustling, optimistic, but still shaky society now faces its first instance of terrorism.

Plot: The plot is excellent, and I appreciate the fact that the Mistborn Adventure series isn’t as depressing as the original trilogy. I love the original trilogy, but it’s hard to go back and enjoy it because it’s so depressing. This book is great though, and I love how it expands on the world we were reintroduced to in Alloy of Law. Scadriel is now entering the late stages of the industrial revolution and it’s great to see how that affects a world where people use to be able fly through the sky by using magic to “push” against pieces of metal. It also has plenty of action and I love it. I’m also incredibly happy that I don’t have to wait more than a few months to get to read the sequel to this!

Characters: We get introduced to a few new faces, and we even get to see some old faces from the original trilogy sort of. I won’t spoil who pops back up, but I’ll just say that they still aren’t as good as Wayne when it comes to making me laugh out loud. Wayne is probably my favorite character in this series so far, although Sterris isn’t far behind. Wow I never thought I’d say that, as Sterris was a bore in the first book.

Overall: An excellent sequel and entry in the Cosmere mega series. Keep an eye out for everyone’s favorite world-hopping wanderer!


Video Game Tuesdays: Expectations



“Expectation. That is the true soul of art. If you can give a man more than he expects, then he will laud you his entire life. If you can create an air of anticipation and feed it properly, you will succeed.” Hoid, from Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson.

That’s the topic for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!

Why Expectation?: Because all of us, myself included are prone to expecting more than we get sometimes. If we expect a person, or company in terms of Video Games, to constantly produce masterpieces we’ll be upset and angry way too much. That isn’t to say we can’t hold people accountable for poor work, but expecting perfection from everyone all the time is unreasonable.

What does this have to with Video Games?: Because we all get disappointed when we start playing a game and realize it doesn’t meet with our expectations. We realize that we imagined something better than we get, and in the end are always holding this misconception against the developer. I try to avoid doing this for more than a few seconds, as it’s a futile and pointless venture.

Give me an example!: Well anytime a company advertises it’s wares it’s playing upon your expectation and feeding it to make you interested in buying their product. Bungie for example did this perfectly leading up to Destiny’s launch. Granted that they screwed up terribly with actually delivering on even 10% of that expectation to us as gamers, but they did an amazing job playing on our expectations to get us interested in Destiny.

So what?: Give people a break, nobody is perfect. That being said if something is vastly different than was expected like Destiny than you have every right to be angry at the people, as they did cheat you out of your money.

A man will find a single coin in the mud and talk about it for days, but when his inheritance comes and is accounted one percent less than he expected, then he will declare himself cheated.” Hoid, from Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!


Book Series Wednesday: Legion Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson


This week for Book Series Wednesday I’m back with the sequel to Legion. It’s Legion: Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson!

Plot Synopsis: Stephen Leeds, AKA “Legion,” is a man whose unique mental condition allows him to generate a multitude of personae: hallucinatory entities with a wide variety of personal characteristics and a vast array of highly specialized skills.

Plot: The novella is a bit longer this time, which I love because I love all of Sanderson’s works. Stephen is still searching for his benefactor and only other person who knew what was going on in his head, and while that plot thread doesn’t get resolved I’m looking forward to the third book for it to be tied up. As for this story it’s great, quite a bit like the first one it’s very fast in terms of pacing. However considering it’s a novella by Brandon, I’m not too surprised at that.

Characters: I like the new aspects we get to meet in this book and while I still would love to learn about each and every single one of them, it would have made the book much longer and taken more of Brandon’s time from the Stormlight Archive and Alloy of Law’s sequel.

Audiobook: Definitely a great Audiobook, and since this is one of Brandon’s shorter works it’s perfect for those who haven’t read any of his books yet. This is availiable via Here’s a clip from the Audible version.

Overall: Worth a read or listen to as it’s another one of Brandon Sanderson’s amazing works.

For those who like: Great Plots, Excellent Characters, Fast Paced Books, Urban Fantasy, and Brandon Sanderson.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, but how can you hate that?