Manga Monday: Fuku wo Kiru Nara by Shimano Yae

It’s the last post of 2017, I’d like to think the next year is going to be good, but that seems unlikely with all the stuff that’s gone down in the last year. At least we’ll have stories to let us get away from reality, right?   I’ve got another Quick Review for this Manga Monday. It’s Fuku wo Kiru Nara by Shimano Yae!

Plot Synopsis: Yuusuke, an average office worker, meets with his friend at a reunion — only to realise that the fashion world has left him behind. Now, with the help of his sister Tamaki, Yuusuke steps into the world of trend and charisma…

Plot: This is a surprisingly decent series, or it might just be my fever raddled brain telling me that. Take these past two weeks of content with a grain of salt. Either way I enjoyed reading this, although I’ll probably give it another whirl when I’m not so sick that I can’t remember which day of the week it is.

Characters: Yuusuke is a pretty average college grad who is now working the daily grind, or as they call them in Japan a Salaryman. Tamaki on the other hand seems to be a pretty awesome female lead which I think she is? I can’t tell, and I’m not going to spend the brain power on determining that distinction over at the moment. Sorry you’re going to be getting some ramblings from me while I write with my cold going on. Either way they are interesting characters, and I prefer Tamaki over Yuusuke, but hopefully he gets it together in later chapters.

Art: The art is very good, easily reaching Shueisha levels of work.

Overall: A great read, although if you want action and adventure you’re going to want to skip this series.

For those who like: Slice of Life, Comedy, Fashion, Great Plot, Awesome Lead Characters, Excellent Artwork.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

Video Game Tuesday: Things in FFXV You Might Miss


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m going to cover some things you might not notice while playing the latest Final Fantasy. It’s Things in FFXV You Might Miss!

Miss? Like What?: Well for example you might not notice that the parties clothing and skin gradually becomes dirty over time if you don’t go to an inn or set up camp every night.

Really?: Yeah it actually happens, in fact you can get burns and bloodstains as well on the characters or even wet hair in addition to wet clothing. In addition all of those changes are reflected in the main menu screen where you can see the party.

Outfits: Speaking of clothes, you can and should choose which outfits you use. Not only does it affect your stats, yes it actually does that, it also changes how the characters interact out in the world. Noct might complain he’s cold and Ignis will retort saying that he should be wearing his jacket, if he’s not wearing one. The opposite happens as well. Personally I use the standard outfit but leave the jackets off for my party since I prefer to be more hard hitting rather than having more defense or hp.

Break Appendages: Not only does this weaken your enemies, but doing so can often lead to valuable items that sell for a pretty penny or are used in various side quests to upgrade weapons. So break all the appendages you can, it’ll make your fights easier and make you more money.

Mother and Child Rice Bowl: You can acquire this in Lestallum by passing by a certain NPC, but this dish is probably the most useful dish in the game early on. It not only boosts EXP gain by 30% it also increases item drop rate by 50%! Seriously, if you aren’t using this when hunting for rare items you are shooting yourself in the foot. It’s also a great way of earning money relatively quickly.

Point Warping in Combat: It’s not just a good way to get a breather, it also replenishes MP to full. This is doable even if you have no MP and have the Stasis status. So get to warping around, and don’t be afraid to use it.

Pull over for Prompto: You might find him annoying, though personally I just found him to be energetic with the Japanese dubbing, but it’s really worth the extra EXP you can get for a relatively easy task. It also adds to the feel of the game.

Guest Party Members: Take a look at their equipment screens for some good laughs. I particularly enjoyed Iris’s technique.

Turn off the HUD: Seriously, turn it off and enjoy the artwork because it’s some of the best ever made. The entire game is beyond beautiful.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!