Bookish Wednesday: Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk

This week I’m back with the first book in an Urban Fantasy series that looking back on it wasn’t that great. It’s Magic to the Bone, Allie Beckstrom Book 01, by Devon Monk!

Plot: The story is much too slow and I want to say unconnected, but perhaps disjointed is a better word. It’s just a confusing mix of world building, drama and interpersonal relationships that really don’t mesh well together. I think the only reason I enjoyed this series was because it’s set in Portland, Oregon which is pretty much my hometown (I live in the suburbs so it’s not technically it, but it’s close enough). The urban fantasy plot feels somewhat generic as well, and the romance is mediocre.

Characters: Allie is our main character and she’s really not that compelling, she’s written to be a tough no nonsense character, but she takes crap from her love interest being cryptic instead of just demanding he answer her. Yes magic and oaths are involved, but if you are at all knowledgeable about the mythos behind magic oaths and what not, you know there is almost always a loophole that can be used to get stuff across without being cryptic or nonsensical. Zavyion is really bland as the love interest, and reminds me of early Buffy episodes where Angel just comes in to save the day than flits off to brood somewhere.

Overall: Not that great a book, but if you are desperate for something to read like I was when I read this you might get some enjoyment out of it.

For those who like: Urban Fantasy, The Pacific Northwest, Drama.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


Book Series Wednesday: Allie Beckstrom series by Devon Monk



This week on Book Series Wednesday I’m covering the Allie Beckstrom series by Devon Monk.

Plot Synopsis: Using magic means it uses you back, and every spell exacts a price from its user. But some people get out of it by Offloading the cost of magic onto an innocent. Then it’s Allison Beckstrom’s job to identify the spell-caster. Allie would rather live a hand-to-mouth existence than accept the family fortune—and the strings that come with it. But when she finds a boy dying from a magical Offload that has her father’s signature all over it, Allie is thrown back into his world of black magic. And the forces she calls on in her quest for the truth will make her capable of things that some will do anything to control…

Plot: The plot for this series is predictable, but not terribly so. I’ve only finished the first book so far, but I just picked up the rest of the series to read over the next week. There may be a sex scene in each book, but it’s not too bad, it’s not an erotica book. I also enjoyed it because the plot takes place in Portland, Oregon. Since I grew up not too far from Portland I’m familiar with all the areas that are mentioned in the book.

Characters: Allie is smart, but you’d think she wouldn’t be so arrogant sometimes. I guess she has some character development to do over the next few books.

Overall: A good series, if you don’t mind the predictability.

For those who like: Urban Fantasy, Oregon, Magic, Fantasy, Adult Fiction.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.