Video Game Tuesday: Warmind

This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m covering what we know about Destiny 2’s latest expansion. It’s all about Warmind!

Warmind?: Yeah that’s the title of the next expansion, and frankly the only sure thing we know about this. However there are reports and possible leaks by retailers like GameStop that gives us a look at what it’ll actually contain.

New Enemies: Yay? Frankly I could give less of a shit at this point about new enemies in Destiny 2. They weren’t significantly different from Destiny 1 with only a few additions to the already limited types of enemies. Supposedly the new enemies are called Crypt Exos, which may mean we face things that are roughly “Guardian” shaped and sized and have to fight more traditional humanoid enemies. Again this isn’t really a big change and if anything only more boring.

New Area?: We’re headed back to Mars, whether it’ll include areas from the first game is unknown but highly likely given what we know about the backstory of this expansion which is supposed to deal with the Clovis Bray facilities we last raided during the Dust Palace strike in Vanilla Destiny (If you played on the PlayStation at least). Again I don’t particularly care at this point, but even if just is the same map, which wouldn’t surprise me and I wouldn’t put past Bungie to just copy paste into Destiny 2. Frankly while Mars was an interesting location, like all of Destiny’s various locales it was fairly with sparse enemies. At least if they copy paste the map from Destiny into Destiny 2 we should be able to use our damn Sparrows.

Raid?: Nope, we are supposedly getting another “Raid Lair” activity. This is highly disappointing. At least the Dark Below gave us the Crota raid even if it was ,and still is to the best of my knowledge, a buggy mess.

Horde Mode?: Another thing we are supposed to be getting, and frankly again really disappointing. Firefight hasn’t changed all that much since the Halo ODST days and Prison of Elders wasn’t all that different from that mode Bungie first made in 2009. I’m expecting nothing more, and just more disappointing stuff.

Story?: Supposedly we’ll be getting a story, but again I find that I just don’t give a fuck anymore. None of my friends regularly plays Destiny 2 anymore and I’m not suprised in the least, because it’s a freaking terrible game.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday.

Bookish Wednesday: Expansion by Justin Miller

This week for Bookish Wednesday I’m covering the third entry in John Hulett’s adventures. It’s World Seed: Expansion by Justin Miller!

Plot Synopsis: Humanity is facing its greatest crisis yet, and there is only one frontier left for them to explore. Join John as he travels through time and space, though not together, to save all that he holds dear. There may also be a good deal of escaping reality involved as well…

Plot: This entry takes the series in a very different direction, courtesy of the cliffhanger at the end of the second book. I will say I enjoyed this entry quite a bit, although there were more than a few moments that I didn’t particular like I won’t name them as they are very much spoilers.

Characters: We get introduced to a whole bunch of new characters in this entry, and while I can’t say who my favorite is due to spoilers I will say that eccentricity is awesome. There are some old faces as well from the first book we get to interact with, so that is also pretty fun.

Overall: A solid third entry, this sets up the stage for the finale in the next book nicely.

Video Game Tuesday: Why Bungie’s Plan is a Failure Already


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m holding nothing back anymore. I’ve had it with Bungie’s Plan for the future.

What Plan?: Last week Activision and Bungie both confirmed that Destiny 2 is coming out in 2017 Spring (Watch, it’ll get delayed until September) and that we’d get an “Expansion” sometime this upcoming fall. Also they’re raising the level cap in Destiny sometime this Spring (Probably in May or June).

How is it already a Failure?: Easy, first off for a game that had so much money poured into it, such a lack of content for up to a year and a half, at the minimum, and the lack of any details regarding it is unacceptable.

Secondly remember that the term “Expansion” when used by Bungie has meant things like The Dark Below, which was great for maybe the first week. Otherwise it was absolutely terrible.  I feel like an idiot regarding how much I was expecting from the game pre release and shortly afterwards. The Dark Below offered no expanded Patrols, and barely anything new mission wise.

Thirdly and finally, they didn’t even even go into detail regarding the Level Cap increase. Is it an increase to the base levels meaning we can get to 50? Or is it a raising of the Light Level cap, which is way more likely, and thus not only doesn’t add anything to the game, but is pretty much giving the middle finger to every player by saying “hah, and you thought “Forever 319″ was bad.” It doesn’t even matter if they add any new “missions” or exotic quest lines. Such content will satisfy players for a few hours at most, and in a game that strives to be an MMO, a few hours of additional content is laughable.

If they hope to prove me and others wrong, they’ll need to bring out a new patrol zone, new subclasses, missions, strikes and raids in the Spring Update. Needless to say that the likelyhood of any of that happening is so low as to be statistically impossible.

Bungie’s gone and fucked up big this time with their vague bullshit and non answers. People like me wouldn’t be so angry if we could just get some straight answers to important questions in a timely manner (read: a day or two at the most) instead of after months.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday. The ball is in your court Bungie, prove me wrong.


Video Game Tuesday: Why I’m not returning to Destiny


This week on Video Game Tuesday I’m covering a subject I got asked by a few friends over the last couple of weeks. I’m not going back to Destiny, and I’ll explain why below!

You really aren’t going to play the new expansion even though you wrote for months about this game?: Yes, even I one of the most fervent fans is sick of the crap that happens in Destiny every day with no change. Hey that guy who did absolutely jack shit in Crucible just got one of the best guns in the game again, while I went for a K/D ratio of 10? How about I’ve got 3 max level characters and kept getting No Land Beyond from all my exotic chances this week? What does Bungie do to fix the problems that have been apparent since Day 1? Nothing, they instead focus on meaningless crap like PvP balancing in a game that they said would be more PvE than PvP focused. What about letting us see more of the Tower instead of the roof and a few rooms inside it? How about that giant freaking city you said we’d be able to visit? What about fixing the bugs in the raid that launched with the game instead of breaking it further? They do none of these things, and I’ve talked about PUDs before, but this is getting to an almost stupid amount at this point.

But what about that Trials of Osiris thingy, and the Prison of the Elders?: First, if all reports are to believed the Prison of the Elders is going to be a Horde mode, or if you never played a Gears of War game and went for Halo, Firefight 2.0. They say that it’s going to be more varied, but i’ll let you into a little secret about programming, unless you randomly generate everything including the playable arena, it’s going to get boring after about the 10th time. In an FPS game they can’t do that because it’d be too unforgiving if they had 10 Atheons spawn and just wreck the players. It’ll follow a certain set of rules and about 10 times through everyone will know sort of what to expect, grunt wave, more difficult enemy wave, elite enemy wave, boss level enemy wave, repeat as necessary. If that sounds familiar to you that’s because that is  pretty much what Firefight was. Between the two Bungie developed Halo games it was in, Firefight didn’t change all that much in a game design sense.  Even worse is the basic concept of a horde mode, unending waves of enemies. I’ve farmed for glimmer, engrams and bounties for hours. I’m sick and tired of these freaking enemies.

Second about the Trials of Osiris:We’ve had a total of 3 in game mentions of this guy Osiris, two from Dinklebot in mission intros and one from the bastard named Cryptarch. Supposedly he was a bad ass warlock, but we never learned much about him in the game, like a lot of other things. However the gameplay of Trials of Osiris is pretty much just a bit more high stakes version of Iron Banner. Whoop de freaking do, nothing new except for new “rewards” that will be only good for looks because they removed all the point of gear in HoW.

What about that Raid later this year?: I’m highly disappointed by the execution of Crota’s End, and to be honest I’m sick of the shitty gamebreaking bugs that Bungie either refuses to fix, or even worse can’t because they are incompetent. Vault of Glass still is bugged to this day, 7 months later and it’s looking like it won’t ever be fixed. I have no faith that this new raid will be good, and even worse I’m betting I’d have to pay for that “Comet” content update to access it. Not interested in being tricked again.

Overall: I’m sick of being told I’d be able to X,Y, and Z and only being able to do X, which is to face off against the same aliens endlessly.