Synth Saturday: Too Many Champions Chapters 1-6 by Maschl

This week for Synth Saturday I’m back with another light hearted Fic. It’s Too Many Champions Chapters 1-6 by Maschl

Plot: This fic is an utter riot, and had me laughing outloud many times in these first few chapters. This Fic takes place in Year 4 of the Harry Potter series, so it should be familiar ground for those familiar with the series. The general premise is that Harry and Hermione decide to prank the hell out of everyone by placing multiple names in the Goblet of Fire including Voldemort. What follows is a very fun set of Harmony centric chapters where Hermione proves that most Wizard and Witches are stupid.

Characters: This is a Harmony fic as stated above, so it features Harry and Hermione getting romantically involved together. The rest of the cast is great as well, I particularly liked the characterization of Crouch Jr. It was hilarious.

Overall: A must read Fic for any Harry Potter fan.

For those who like: Harry Potter, Romance and Comedy without stupid drama, Hilarious Plots.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

Introducing Synth Saturday

Hey all I’m happy to announce that I will be retiring Serial Saturday and bringing a new medium to cover for Saturday’s in it’s place. It’s titled Synth Saturday and it will cover Fan Fictions. I will still cover grammar and basic things like plot and characters when I cover a Fan Fic, but I’ll also be looking into various stereotypes and fandom ideas that are used, like the fact that most Harry Potter fans see Dumbledore as a manipulative jerk. That was a real shock to me, but I also could see the reasoning behind it.

I will make a post that covers basic terminology used in Fan Fics, so various terms and phrases don’t confuse you.

Disclaimers: I do not own anything talked about in this column except what I write here which are my opinions and are subject to change on my whim. If someone is making a profit off the franchise or the fiction author mentions something like Patreon that is purely on them and them alone. This will be the one and only disclaimer for all future posts in this column. I’m too busy, and more importantly lazy, to write “I don’t own (Insert works name here)” every time I write one of these posts.