Video Game Tuesday: Some Favorite Soundtracks

Hey all I’m back with a look at some of my favorite music in gaming for this week’s Video Game Tuesday.  It’s Some Favorite Soundtracks!

Ocarina of Time: For me this was the first game that I really loved the music to. So much so in fact that me and my brother could play various songs from the game on the piano when we were both younger. Although I’ll freely admit that he is a much better musician than I ever was. It was amusing to listen to our dog Sachi sing along with us though when we played the Song of Storms. If you’ve never heard a singing Shiba Inu, you should look up a YouTube video on it.

Final Fantasy XIII: I loved the music of this game, in fact Blinded by Light is still the song I set my various iDevices alarms to use.

Tales of Zestiria: I love the music of this game almost as much as I loved the gameplay. Since this is one of my personal top 10 RPGs of all time that is saying something.

Final Fantasy XIV: I love pretty much every song in this game, and I will download the soundtracks whenever they get released because of that. From Twilight over Thanalan to the Shadowbringer Theme, every song is awesome.

Tales of Berseria: Like with Zestiria I loved the music of Berseria, the fact that this is probably my favorite JRPG ever doesn’t hurt either.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday. What are some of your favorite game soundtracks?

Video Game Tuesday: Why FFXV is a Success


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m going into what makes the latest Final Fantasy such a big hit. It’s all about Why FFXV is a Success!

Why?: Because it’s ridiculously fun to play, despite all the story flaws, and there are flaws no question of that. FFXV is just plain fun to play. Even 100+ hours into the game I’m still finding it fun to just run into a battle and start attacking an enemy. I’ve beaten every monster in the game except MA-X Angelus, and despite that I still have hours of things left to do.

Like What?: I still need to beat the secret dungeon, I need to procure the last few Ascension upgrades, minus the wait mode extension upgrades I will probably never get those. I need to find more recipes, and I still haven’t used a single Limit Break spell. I haven’t done all the various tour scenes, and there are plenty of items I need to earn from Totomostro and Justice Monsters 5.

The Scenery: I thoroughly enjoy looking out the side of the Regalia and just enjoying the view while Ignis drives even having beaten the game. The game is just gorgeous to the point of making me wish all games had these kind of graphics. I love going through the photos that Prompto takes every day, and posting them to my Twitter account. Some of them are just hilarious, others are just gorgeous action shots. I honestly wish that we could keep more pictures than the 150 we are limited to.

The future: We are going to be getting plenty of new content starting with the upcoming festival DLC, which will feature a boss fight against the real Square Enix President. I hear that fight is just hilariously fun to do. We’ll be getting more story content in improved cutscenes and other things like the Gladio, Ignis and Prompto DLC episodes. We’ll even get playable Aranea, Cor and Iris in an online multiplayer DLC. Hopefully we’ll get to add them to our party in the free roam after beating the story as well. Frankly I loved having Iris in my party, as she was just a fun character all around.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!


Video Game Tuesday: 2016 Game of the Year


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m going to cover my pick for top game of this year that I played. I didn’t get to play a bunch of new things, but of those I did I was pleased with one in particular. It’s my 2016 Game of the Year.

Forewarning: Just as a reminder this is of the various games that I played this year and that came out this year. I didn’t get to play many new things and all were on the PS4.

Runner-Up: No it’s not Destiny: Rise of Iron. It’s Klaus, a little indie platformer that was really fun to play and frankly had more story than any part of Destiny ever has had. It was fun and it was good looking to boot.

Game of the Year: Final Fantasy XV, I didn’t have a large pool to choose from, but of the ones I did Final Fantasy XV won most of the usual categories. Gameplay, Art, Music, were all top notch and frankly even though the story could’ve been better I didn’t play another one this year that made me cry, laugh and fume with rage as much as Final Fantasy XV. With more DLC on the way, with online multiplayer being added apparently, I’m hoping that Square will fix the story to make this a game that truly wins Game of the Year from me. If they can improve on it and make it better, Final Fantasy XV will prove to be a real classic game in the future.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!


Video Game Tuesday: That Final Fantasy XV Delay


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m talking about Final Fantasy XV! It’s all about That Final Fantasy XV Delay!

Delay?: In case you haven’t heard Final Fantasy XV was delayed from September 27th 2016 to November 29th 2016. It’s only a delay of two months, and considering how long we’ve already waited, a few more months won’t hurt too much.

Really?!?: Yes it’s been delayed once more, but I’d rather it be delayed and improved than it released as a subpar product. The game director straight up admitted they wanted to improve many things including fixing frame rate drops, which a lot of people love to whine about. “OMG it’s not in 60fps it’s the end of the world blah blah blah.” People love to whine about way too many things, and the latest whining about the delay is annoying as hell to me. Either accept that it’ll be a poorly made product like Destiny was at launch wait for the sequel to possibly fix things, I’m not holding much hope on that front by the by, or let them delay it to make the game even better.

Plenty of games were delayed and were well worth the wait. Metal Gear Solid V is a perfect example, that game was delayed for years and after being in development hell for ages it launched to near universal acclaim for Kojima. Sure Konami screwed him over, but that’s a different story for another day. Destiny was hyped up to be a huge project that would have an amazing story and plenty of multiplayer interaction, we still haven’t gotten the first nearly two years later, and the second is a hit and miss. Raiding in Destiny is plenty of fun for a few weeks, but after that it quickly devolves into sheer snoozefests. Player interaction outside of strikes, raiding, or the Crucible is non existent, but in those areas it’s quite fun. Pity we were promised more, and I still have friends who play it every day. I don’t see the draw of a game full of broken promises, but maybe I’m still bitter about Hawkmoon from Y1.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!