The first post: site charter


So I guess some people who follow me on Twitter would love to see me make a blog with more comments about what I talk about on Twitter which is Games, Books, Anime, Light Novels, and other media. So heres to the new blog! I’ll probably update this site once a week at least, with the goal being a different subject every day of the week.

About Me:

I’m a former student of both Game Design and Japanese. Currently Unemployed (though I’m working on getting a job). My hobbies obviously include the above mentioned activities. I speak Japanese somewhat well, and understand it fluently for every day topics. A spineless moderate as my High School Government class teacher would could call me as my political alignment. I’m an Agnostic with a slight leaning towards Judaism.  I live in the Pacific Northwest, in Oregon specifically. As for names I go by I was born Michael, and have been called many other things from Mouse to Peter(Don’t ask it’s a long story).I have a history of dealing with Depression and Anxiety, which I may mention in posts.

Why did I choose the name Windborne Sword? I was born in the Chicago,Illinois aka the Windy city and I have always admired swords, and they are the things I’ll use in games over anything else if I get the chance. Hence I was born of wind, it’s a pun, and and my mind is like a sword, sharp and to the point.

Favorite game genres are JRPGs with some action games suiting my tastes. I tend to dislike FPS games, and platformers or any kind of competitive Player vs Player gameplay like League of Legends. I do play WoW and I used to be part of a hardcore raiding guild on the realm Garithos-US [A]. Now a days I’m still on Garithos, but I’ve taken to casual raiding on the weekends while I work on getting every legendary item in the game. Only 2 more to go as of the day of this post! My main is an Unholy Death Knight, alts include a Rogue and Monk, with a mage and druid as my profession alts.

My favorite book genres are Fantasy of all kinds. Some authors that I enjoy reading are Brandon Sanderson, awesome guy by the way, Pat Rothfuss and Jim Butcher. I’ll read just about anything though, except for Twilight that can rot and burn for eternity along with The Crucible.I tend to listen to books instead of reading them now a days as I read way too fast to actually get much enjoyment of the book.  I do read Manga, and have about 10-15 series I’m currently caught up to current chapter releases with. I tend to enjoy all genres of Manga and I do even dabble into Shoujo.  I enjoy reading Light Novels as well, and I do read them when I get the chance on my iPad.

I like to watch Anime as well, and like my reading I’ll watch just about anything. I don’t watch much TV shows anymore because when I was in college I didn’t have a TV. That said I occasionally will watch a movie or something on TV.

Music preferences are for stuff from Japan, as it helps me keep my understanding of the language fresh in my mind and I grew sick of Western music for the most part after being in my school’s choir for 4 years.

What to expect from this blog: My thoughts about any Anime series I’m currently watching, Books I’m listening to or reading, and thoughts on Games I’ve been playing. I may go into game balance as well, as I love to analyze what works in games and doesn’t work.  I may go into how to play better as well, specifically into playing World of Warcraft in the PvE side of things. I’ll have to see if I feel up to that.

What not to expect from this blog: Deep insight into my psyche and/or look into my private life. I’m not going to be talking about my love life or family issues at all here as they are private matters. Any kind of spoilers about anything I talk about. I take great care to keep anything spoilerish as vague as possible so others can enjoy it. If I must go into spoiler territory it will be marked as such.


My twitter handle is @WindborneSword please follow me so I can follow more people, this stupid 2,000 people limit is kind of dumb for us speed readers and information hogs.  Yes I do actually read through most of my twitter stream, as I can read really fast, so the more people I can follow the better.