Anime Sunday: Hand Shakers Episode 01 Impressions


This week for Anime Sunday I’m taking a look at another Winter 2017 Anime. It’s my Hand Shakers Episode 01 Impressions!

Plot Synopsis: The story revolves around Takatsuki Tazuna, a high-school student with a knack for mechanics, who accepts a certain repair request and visits a university research facility. There, he meets Akutagawa Koyori, a lone girl asleep on a bed. As though being led by something, Tazuna touches her fingertips – and a voice flows into him from a place unknown…

Plot: This first episode opens up in medias res, which is always a risky plot device. Frankly if not for certain distractions I would’ve loved the hell out of this first episode and the story’s main premise. But I’ll get to the distractions in a bit.

Characters: Tazuna is a pretty neat young kid, who has a real knack for anything mechanical, Koyori on the other hand is pretty much silent this entire episode so I didn’t really get an impression of her all that much. The rest of the cast is okay, although Break is a bit of a disturbing fellow….

Art: Here’s the real kicker and problem I had with Hand Shakers, the artwork for the most part is great, except for the blatant use of 3DCG that looks like it’s meant for a 1990’s 3D Movie. I hate 3DCG in anime as a general rule of thumb. It’s almost never used well, and the terrible use in this first episode was so off putting I was very tempted to just stop watching. It didn’t get better as the episode went on. Unless they drop the cheesy special effects and use of 3DCG I probably won’t ever finish this series, which is a shame because the premise is pretty interesting.

Overall: Skip this unless you are really bored, or want a good example of poor special effects.

For those who like: Action, Drama, Romance, Intriguing Plot, Good Cast of Characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, or poorly used 3DCG.

Shoujo Saturday: K


For this week, since I’m lazy and don’t have the time I’m reviewing a Shoujo anime, although it’s classified as Shoujo I honestly didn’t know that until after I finished watching the entire season. Go figure right? Anyways onto the review!

Plot Synopsis: Isana Yashiro (or just Shiro) has lived a relatively ordinary, simple life. He lives in the technologically-advanced Shizume City and attends Ashinaka High School, a notable high school that is located on an island just outside the areas. Yashiro is friendly with everyone. Nothing ever seems wrong about him, except perhaps his habit of forgetting where his school-issued PDA is. However, nothing normal has been happening since the recent murder of Tatara Totsuka, prominent member of the infamous HOMRA. No one knows who exactly killed him but the man responsible bears an uncanny, identical appearance to Yashiro. Seeking vengeance, the Red Clansmen of HOMRA set out to get Yashiro and kill him. Everyone suspects that Yashiro is the murderer.

Plot: Very good, I was disappointed in the ending until I learned that a movie will be finishing the story and it should be out in Japan by this summer. I can’t say much more about it without spoiling everything, but it gets pretty epic at the end.

Characters: I enjoy the character of Kuro the most, because he goes through the most growth over the series. Also cause he’s a bad ass swordsman with long hair.

Art: The thing that got me watching this anime in the first place was the art, man is it beautiful!

Music: The opening theme was pretty good, although the ending theme wasn’t that memorable for me. The soundtrack also was pretty good, with just enough set up to the epic moments and that tranquil silence for when shit hits the fan.

Overall: If you like action and mystery, or Bishonen in your anime, you should watch this series.

For those who like: Action, Mystery, Murder and Mayhem, Bishonen everywhere.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, or an ending that requires a movie.