Video Game Tuesday: Good Games to play in Quarantine

This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m back with a list. It’s some Good Games to play in Quarantine!

Skyrim: This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has ever heard of this game but if you’ve got a fairly decent PC Skyrim has nearly endless potential for gameplay with it’s countless mods that have been released in the nearly 9 years since it first released. Even if you don’t have a PC Skyrim is full of fun things to do for those in Quarantine. Whether it’s collecting every piece of Cheese in the province of Skyrim or just following the story you’ll have plenty to do.

Bonus Suggestion:

Morrowind: If you are feeling really adventurous you can load up Morrowind, it’s been out for 18 years and it also has plenty of mods to use. Thankfully this game should run just fine on almost any PC that’s been made since 2010. I do suggest getting a mod that increases your run speed though. You do move very slowly in that game.

Tales of Berseria: I’ve always loved the Tales of games, and Tales of Berseria is the best of the bunch. It’s got an amazing story, fantastic gameplay, excellent graphics and musical score. Frankly this is a must play regardless, but you might find this to be a very fun game to play if you need something else to do and prefer JRPGs over Western RPGs.

Persona 5 Royal: Sadly this game is only on the PlayStation 4, but Persona 5 Royal is a great game that has a fantastic story and while less action oriented than most RPGs, it’s still a very fun game.

Minecraft: Like Skyrim, Minecraft on the PC has plenty of mods, and is literally endlessly replayable, although some might get bored eventually.

No Man’s Sky: This game has come a very long way since it first released and has gotten very good. If you want to explore a nearly endless galaxy full of planets and moons to land on, No Man’s Sky is the game to play.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday.


Video Game Tuesday: Most Anticipated Games of 2015


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m talking about what games I’m looking forward to in this new year of 2015!

Tales of Zestria: In what will be no surprise to anyone whose been reading my blog since the beginning, I’m really looking forward to Tales of Zestria. It will probably be the last previous generation game I’ll play, but I’ll still be using my PS3 as a media center.

No Man’s Sky: I mentioned this on the Holiday Podcast, but I’m really excited to see this game come out this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got pushed back, but I hope it won’t be.

Witcher 3: I’ve never played a Witcher game, but this one looks like it will be lots of fun.

Batman Arkham Knight: I’ve never played a game in the Arkham series, but I always hear great things about them. This might be my entry point to the series, but I don’t doubt that it will be fun.

Other Games of Note:

Destiny Comet: In what I would call an expansion and the DLC we have now and coming soon in the form of House of Wolves as episodes not expansions. I’ve loved playing Destiny, but recently the faults have become more and more glaring and frustrating. I have high hopes that this expansion will solve many issues with the game, by adding a trading system within your fireteam at the bare minimum among other things. I’ve grown sick of seeing someone get the loot I want and see it immediately dismantled because they already have 3 copies of it, Hawkmoon I’m looking at you dammit!

Zelda Wii U: I don’t own a Wii U, because there would only be two or three games I’d want on the system. That being said one of those games is Zelda Wii U, and damn does it look amazing. It’s just not amazing enough for me to buy a Wii U at it’s current price point.




Video Game Tuesdays: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII


First things first I haven’t finished the game yet, so I won’t be going over it’s plot as a main focus.

Plot Summary: Set 500 Years after the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning is tasked by God, yes a literal god, to save as many souls as she can before the world ends in 13 days and he makes a new world for the souls she saves.  Plot Review: So far I just started the 9th day, so I haven’t beaten the game yet, I have however beaten all the main quests prior to the last day. So far I’ve enjoyed the plot thoroughly and its answering lots of my questions about what the hell happened at the end of 13-2.

Characters: Lots and lots of people bitch and moan about how Lightning is an emotional rock and don’t get any further than that in their reviews of the 2 previous games. There is a reason for Lightning acting the way she is and it’s because she had to grow up to be an adult for her younger sister when their parents died when they were kids. It happens all the time in the real world, people act like an emotional rock when that happens.  Yes Lightning is a kick ass first, be nice later sort of person; That is exactly why she is such a bad ass character in my opinion.

She’s fought figures she was brought up to believe were gods since childhood and has the emotional baggage to show for it. The fact that she was a soldier and probably was conditioned to show little emotion also is in keeping with the character. That said Lightning definitely shows some more emotion on screen this time around, at least when you are dealing with side quests. For some reason it seems a little off in the main quests, however I’m guessing thats a plot line I haven’t encountered yet in the game and will be properly explained later.

Gameplay: When I first started playing the in game time limit seemed very daunting, however after learning the ease with which you can stop time with Chronostasis, a power that costs 1 EP, I was able to finish all the Main quests by Day 4, 3 days before the first step up in difficulty for some bosses and every monster.

The Combat system is very difficult compared to the previous two entries in the series, where you could with the right Paradigms, literally hit a button and switch paradigms whenever you needed to and win every fight. It plays like a Rhythm game in the way that combat flows and you have to switch tempo depending on what type of weapon you are currently using and even the different elemental spells have different timings for getting increased damage. It looks simple, but it really isn’t and thats to the benefit of the game.

That said I had to choose to play on Easy difficulty at first, because some guy in translation screwed up royally when translating the difficulty modes. Easy is Normal, Normal is Hard, Hard is freaking Nightmarish. I got curbstomped by the first real battle on Normal Mode, thinking I could do it without the tutorials because hey I’d played the last two how hard could it be.

You play as Lightning and Lightning alone, you have no party and everything is going to be headed your way.

Music: As I find with nearly every JRPG, the music is wonderful. The battle theme is a redone version of the first 13’s battle theme and still has the rocking violins that make my blood pump faster every time I hear it.  Bonus: If you downloaded it in the first 14 days for free you can even change the voices to Japanese with English subbing. It’s pretty nice for when your dealing with Vanille, who I found to be really freaking annoying in the first game.

Overall: If you played 13 and 13-2 this game will most likely satisfy your need for closure. So far it’s satisfied mine, and I haven’t even gotten really far into the game.

For those who like: JRPG’s with an action battle system, decent plot, amazing music and visuals.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above or can’t deal with characters not showing much emotion cause they’ve been through literal hell and are so traumatically scarred from it.