Anime Sunday: CCS Clear Card Episode 01 Impressions

This week for Anime Sunday I’ve got the first episode of the sequel to a classic series. It’s my Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Episode 01 Impressions!

Plot Synopsis: This picks up the story almost exactly where the ending of the original Manga series ended. Syaoran has just returned to Tomoeda and is now attending Middle School with Sakura and her friends. But things don’t stay peaceful for long….

Plot: This is very much Cardcaptor Sakura’s sequel, and that’s both a good and bad thing. It’s good for those who are the intended audience, which is to say much younger than most of my usual audiences. It’s bad for the exact same reason, if you are expecting anything, except a Magical Girl series you will be severely disappointed.

Characters: We don’t get introduced to anyone new, in fact everyone is pretty much the exact same as we left them at the end of the original series. That should be changing in the next few episodes, but as I only watched this series on a whim to see if my little sister might enjoy it as a addition to the original series I have no intention of seeing if that becomes true. However I’m 99% sure that I’m correct in that assumption.

Art: This is animated by Madhouse, famous for some really amazing adaptations including One-Punch Man. So it’s got plenty of excellent animation sequences while still staying true to the original material’s designs.

Music: The music is also pretty good, although I didn’t look up the theme song singers due to me having to rush to get this ready for posting.

Overall: This is looking to be a good fit for the intended audience, but probably won’t be a fun time for anyone older than 14.

For those who like: Cardcaptor Sakura, Magical Girls, Drama, School Life, Excellent Art, Good Musical Score.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


Anime Sunday: Flip Flappers Episode 01 Impressions


This week for Anime Sunday I’m covering another new series from the Fall 2016 season! It’s my Flip Flappers Episode 01 Impressions!

Plot Synopsis: Cocona, a cautious girl by nature, is dragged into another dimension called “Pure Illusion” by Papika, a strange and headstrong girl. With a new set of rules and strange organizations, Cocona’s life is turned upside down.

Plot: The plot is pretty sparse in this first episode, and a lot of stuff didn’t make a lot of sense. Maybe it will improve in later episodes, but nevertheless Flip Flappers didn’t quite manage to grab my attention enough for me to follow this series each week. I’ll probably binge watch the entire series in the very near future.

Characters: Cocona is a fairly normal girl, albeit very shy and not very open to other people. Maybe that’s why I enjoy her as a character so much, because that is a quality that I myself also have. Papika on the other hand is very strange, and while she’s not grating to me, there were points where she got very close to being so. The rest of the cast seems to not have been introduced quite yet.

Art: The art is quite good, but definitely not ufotable quality level. At least it’s better than anything Studio Deen can make though.

Music: The music was alright, but it wasn’t super amazing either.

Overall: This may or may not end up being a great series, but for right now I’ll be putting it on hold to deal with more interesting stories for other projects of mine.

For those who like: Magical Girls, Adventure, Action, Yuri?, Drama, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Decent Plot, Intersting Leads, Great Art, Okay Musical Score.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

Anime Sunday: Yūki Yūna wa Yūsha de Aru


This week for Anime Sunday I’m covering one of my favorite series of the entire year and easily one that I didn’t think I would like at all as the genre tends not to be aimed at my demographic. It’s Yūki Yūna wa Yūsha de Aru, or Yūki Yūna is a Brave Hero in English.

Plot Synopsis: Yūna, Mimori, Fū, and Itsuki are all members of the Sanshu Middle School Hero Club (讃州中学勇者部 Sanshū Chūgaku Yūsha-bu), dedicating themselves to helping those that request it. One day, they are suddenly caught in a ray of light and transported to a strange forest, where evil monsters known as Vertex are seeking to destroy the Shinju (神樹 lit. Divine Tree), which would in turn destroy the world. Using a special app to transform into heroes imbued with magical powers, Yūna and the others must now become true heroes in order to protect their world.

Pl0t: Get to about episode 6 before judging the series too harshly as what you are watching may be different than what you initially think it is. That is all I will say regarding this excellent series as anything more will spoil it.

Characters: The members of the Hero Club are the main characters, and they are all pretty much amazingly detailed and what you expect may be wrong. Again no more will be said as it will spoil, but again ignore your initial thoughts on the series.

Art: This is easily one of the prettiest series of the entire year, easily rivaling No Game No Life during the hero sequences.

Music: The music is great as well, and I love both the Opening and Ending themes as well and if you’ve been a long time reader you’ll know that’s rather rare for me.

Overall: Give it more than two episodes before dismissing this series, go to at least episode 6. Trust me you’ll find it worth it.

For those who like: Magical Girls, A Deeper Plot Than You May Think, Amazing Artwork, Fantastic Music.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, but please give it to episode 6 before dismissing my advice.

Shoujo Saturday: Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica/Puella Magi Madoka Magica



This week I’m covering a really special Magical Girl anime. It’s Madoka Magica!

Plot Synopsis: In the fictional city of Mitakihara, Japan, a middle school student named Madoka Kaname and her friend Sayaka Miki encounter a small, cat-like creature named Kyubey. It offers a contract in which a girl may have any wish granted in exchange for obtaining magical powers and being tasked with fighting against witches. Meanwhile, a transfer student and magical girl named Homura Akemi tries to stop Madoka from making the contract with Kyubey at all costs. Madoka and Sayaka then meet Mami Tomoe, an upperclassman at the same school who is also a magical girl and offers to bring them along on her witch hunts so that they may learn of the responsibilities that come with being a magical girl.

Plot: It’s a fairly standard plot, but you have to get past the first few episodes for it really drag you in.

Characters: Of all the characters I found Madoka to be the shallowest at first, but she grows at about the same time you’ll be pulled into the plot. Kyuubey is probably my favorite character because he’s just so nice and warm.

Music: The music for the whole show is just amazing, and I love the opening in particular.

Art: Befitting it’s magical girl series, it’s a very bright and vibrant world, although not as much as No Game No Life.

Overall: If you want a great Magical Girl anime you need to watch this show.

For those who like: Drama, Magical Girls, Excellent Anime, Excellent Music, Excellent Plot after the first couple of episodes.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.