Retro Game Friday: Legend of the River King

This week for Rtero Game Friday I’m back with a game that took me forever to remember the name of. It’s Legend of the River King!

Plot Synopsis: A young boy must find the elusive Guardian Fish. Only with its magical powers can he save his sister from a mysterious illness…

Plot: Yeah the plot is really barebones, but that’s to be expected from a game that literally only revolves around fish.

Gameplay: The game has two modes, Fishing mode, where you catch fish. Obviously. The second mode is raising for fish. Again really obviously.

Art: The one good about a game this old. The art has aged really well, which is about the only good thing that can be said about this game.

Overall: You can easily skip this game, it’s not anything you ought to bother playing, but I wanted to cover the game because I had such a tough time remembering it.

For those who like: Fishing, Fish, Catch Em All Games, Simulation, Good Art.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

Retro Game Friday: Harvest Moon 64


This week for Retro Game Friday I’m covering a game I somehow enjoyed back in the day! It’s Harvest Moon 64!

Plot Synopsis: As a city boy you inherit your grandfather’s farm and set off to restore it to it’s former glory!

Plot: Okay that’s not much of a plot, but the gameplay was fun back in the day. I might be bored now though.

Gameplay: The objective of Harvest Moon 64 is to restore and maintain an abandoned farm left to the player by their grandfather. The player is initially given a set of tools to use in order to achieve this goal. Along with restoring the farm, there are a number of other side quests that the player may choose to partake in, including training and racing a horse, selling crops, participating in a variety of town festivals as well as random events, falling in love and getting married, collecting recipes, and collecting photographs from various achievements and events.

Art: The art is very dated, but not too badly as it used mainly sprites.

Music: Way too repetitive.

Overall: May be fun, especially if you choose to chase after the hardest to get girl, which is quite challenging.

For those who like: Simulation, Farming, Good Gameplay.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.