Video Game Tuesday: Watch_Dogs [Review of Act 2 and my time spent online]



This week I’m continuing my coverage of Watch_Dogs with my review of Act 2.

Plot: The plot was predictable, but I wasn’t really expecting some of the curveballs that came, particularly all the stuff with Bug.

Gameplay: I focused on tailing and hacking mainly this week online and found that while I really enjoy driving on a motorcycle in this game it really sucks to drive anything else, because it┬áhandles terribly. Also since there are no NPCs (Non-Player Characters) who drive motorcycles I can tell when another player is invading me. I do wish that wasn’t the case as it really ruins the ability to hack into other players games easily. Tailing on the other hand was pretty frustrating at first, but once I got the hang of using the cameras around me to spy on someone it got much easier.

Overall: I still think this game is amazing, but there are some definite improvements I want for the inevitable sequel, not that is a bad thing. I want NPC’s driving motocycles, and the handling on cars not to suck nearly as much. Everything else has made me really happy and that feeling when you trap another player who was about to hack you and blow him/her up is just satisfying.

Congratulations to Ubisoft on the record breaking sales of a new IP with Watch_Dogs. I hope we get a sequel next year.