Shoujo Saturday: Ookami-Heika no Hanayome/Bride of the Wolf King by Kauta Mato


This week I’m covering a series similar to Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, it’s Ookami-Heika no Hanayome by Kauta Mato. Mini-review this week since I’ve only read a couple chapters.

Plot Synopsis:¬†Yuulin, the daughter of a low ranking government officer, came to the royal palace after hearing of a job with higher wages. However, that job is to act as the bride of Haku Reishou, who is feared as being the ruthless and heartless “His Majesty, the Wolf”. In the royal palace where conspiracies swirl, after learning His Majesty’s secret, Yuulin ends up stuck being his temporary bride…?!

Plot: It’s a bit different from Soredemo Sekai, in that Nike is already the wife of Livi, poor Yuulin is stuck trying not to fall in love with Reishou.

Characters: Reishou has a devious side to him and I’m curious to see which of his two very opposite personalities is his true one, as there are hints it could be either one.

Art: The artwork in this series reminded me instantly of Soredemo Sekai, and that’s a good thing since that series has excellent artwork.

Overall: If you enjoy historical Chinese drama’s you’ll love this series.

For those who like: Romance, Drama, Historical Chinese dramas.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.