Bookish Wednesday: Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk

This week I’m back with the first book in an Urban Fantasy series that looking back on it wasn’t that great. It’s Magic to the Bone, Allie Beckstrom Book 01, by Devon Monk!

Plot: The story is much too slow and I want to say unconnected, but perhaps disjointed is a better word. It’s just a confusing mix of world building, drama and interpersonal relationships that really don’t mesh well together. I think the only reason I enjoyed this series was because it’s set in Portland, Oregon which is pretty much my hometown (I live in the suburbs so it’s not technically it, but it’s close enough). The urban fantasy plot feels somewhat generic as well, and the romance is mediocre.

Characters: Allie is our main character and she’s really not that compelling, she’s written to be a tough no nonsense character, but she takes crap from her love interest being cryptic instead of just demanding he answer her. Yes magic and oaths are involved, but if you are at all knowledgeable about the mythos behind magic oaths and what not, you know there is almost always a loophole that can be used to get stuff across without being cryptic or nonsensical. Zavyion is really bland as the love interest, and reminds me of early Buffy episodes where Angel just comes in to save the day than flits off to brood somewhere.

Overall: Not that great a book, but if you are desperate for something to read like I was when I read this you might get some enjoyment out of it.

For those who like: Urban Fantasy, The Pacific Northwest, Drama.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.


Retro Game Friday: Oregon Trail




This week I’m going over an old game, something I used to play back in 1st grade during recess during the winter and could beat in the half hour of time we had off. It’s Oregon Trail.

Plot Synopsis: You are a poor fool who decided to go to Oregon to live a better life free from the crap in the rest of the world, it might be your last good idea.

Plot: Okay I was kind of kidding above, this is a simulation game and there really is no plot.

Gameplay: The most “fun” was the hunting aspect of the game, although if you chose to travel by river at the end you could have fun dodging rocks in the river. You chose to play as a traveler who loaded up his family and tried to bring your family through wind and rain and snow and get to Oregon via the Oregon Trail. You’d have to deal with diseases and plenty of other things as well. That’s about all I remember about the game itself, as the last time I played it was in the winter during 2nd grade in elementary school.

Music: I hated the music that got played through the old Macintosh speakers, and even if I wasn’t in the library I would’ve had the music off.

Art: It was okay for it’s time, but not spectacular. It’s terrible now a days.

Overall: If you haven’t played this game at least once you should. Than you can safely say that you’ve played one of the worst games ever, but probably the best educational game ever. Excepting Portal of course.

For those who like: Oregon, Simulators, Old games.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, but it probably won’t be Oregon.