Video Game Tuesday: Most Anticipated Games of 2015


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m talking about what games I’m looking forward to in this new year of 2015!

Tales of Zestria: In what will be no surprise to anyone whose been reading my blog since the beginning, I’m really looking forward to Tales of Zestria. It will probably be the last previous generation game I’ll play, but I’ll still be using my PS3 as a media center.

No Man’s Sky: I mentioned this on the Holiday Podcast, but I’m really excited to see this game come out this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it got pushed back, but I hope it won’t be.

Witcher 3: I’ve never played a Witcher game, but this one looks like it will be lots of fun.

Batman Arkham Knight: I’ve never played a game in the Arkham series, but I always hear great things about them. This might be my entry point to the series, but I don’t doubt that it will be fun.

Other Games of Note:

Destiny Comet: In what I would call an expansion and the DLC we have now and coming soon in the form of House of Wolves as episodes not expansions. I’ve loved playing Destiny, but recently the faults have become more and more glaring and frustrating. I have high hopes that this expansion will solve many issues with the game, by adding a trading system within your fireteam at the bare minimum among other things. I’ve grown sick of seeing someone get the loot I want and see it immediately dismantled because they already have 3 copies of it, Hawkmoon I’m looking at you dammit!

Zelda Wii U: I don’t own a Wii U, because there would only be two or three games I’d want on the system. That being said one of those games is Zelda Wii U, and damn does it look amazing. It’s just not amazing enough for me to buy a Wii U at it’s current price point.