Video Game Tuesday: Giving up on Destiny



This week on Video Game Tuesday I’m explaining why I’m done with Destiny until it gets fixed properly.

My Issues With Destiny: The lack of Story isn’t a huge factor in me no longer playing Destiny, but it does affect it. The bigger issues are the fact that it has taken Bungie Eight Months to do more than admit that there are major issues with bugs, and they choose to only address one of them. Another of them is the fact that they seem hellbent on pushing their idea of their ideal fairness on everyone. If they weren’t expecting to deal with exploits, like pushing Atheon and Templar and Crota off edges to their doom, they were beyond stupid.

The fact that people have to resort to things like pulling their ethernet cord out to beat a boss easily is beyond stupid. That says something major about their design team, and it’s not a good thing. It means that the majority of players aren’t able to complete end game activities without resorting to a glitch of some sort. In fact certain fights are impossible without resorting to it. A good example is the Abyss section of Crota Hard Mode, by the end of the mad dash to the end 3-4 players of 6 will be dead and those left have to fend off hordes of enemies by themselves. The only way to survive through that is jump onto a certain rock to avoid 98% of the enemies and take out the only ones that can hurt them, Ogres, from a distance before they get in range and kill you in three seconds. The artificial difficulty added in the entirety of Hard Mode is beyond dumb as you will always get one shot from certain enemies, and if they catch you unaware for even a second while you are dealing with the hordes of Thralls you are going to die very quickly.

Another fault I’m sick of dealing with is the fact that RNG rules everything in the game, from the inventory of the weekly weekend vendor Xur to the drops from a standard PvP match in the crucible. I’m sick of seeing someone who didn’t participate at all get one of the best guns while I’ve been trying since day one to get one and still haven’t gotten it. By the way I find the statement of his inventory being totally random¬†to be utter crap as the week he sold the Icebreaker most recently had every top tier exotic for every class and helmet engrams for sale as well as the Icebreaker. That is so statistically¬†improbable that it just can’t be possible.

Another issue I had with Destiny is the fact that the new exotics all suck. Every single one is terrible, from the No Land Beyond to Necrochasm. Not a single one is worth using over older guns. These are supposed to be some of the best guns in the game, but they all are so terrible that no one wants to use them.

The last straw for me though was this last week’s update informing everyone that they were punishing players for using guns that are effective over using guns that aren’t as effective. I understand the desire to balance the game, but when that strays into affecting one part of the game (PvE) because of another part that has nothing to do with it (PvP), it becomes extremely frustrating to the players.

So I’m done with Destiny, until they fix their mistakes and stop pushing their ideals on us. Will I play House of Wolves, maybe. I might go through the raid once, do the story missions to see if they fix anything, but I’ve got no hopes that it will go well anymore.

I have moved onto greener pastures with the friends I’ve made from Destiny and I’m actually going to play a game that doesn’t feel like screwing with you every chance it gets.