Serial Saturday: The Dragon Within Book 01 by SlyOkami

Hey all I’m back with a series the author of Our Chaoz; Our Reality requested me to review. It’s  The Dragon Within Book 01 by SlyOkami!

Plot: The plot is a lot darker than OC:OR, and while that’s a good thing for a lot of readers I don’t particularly enjoy it all that much myself. This is a personal issue that ties into my own psyche and how I immerse myself into stories I enjoy. Frankly while the story is quite good in my opinion, I won’t be continuing with the series until it’s finished as I’m hoping for a happy ending to the entire story. One thing I will say is that this series takes place in the same universe as OC:OR so some things will be familiar for those who read that series.

Characters: Our main character is Erik, and he’s a bit of an asshole at the beginning of the story. By the end of this first book I actually enjoyed him as a character. However my favorite character is probably Thea, because she’s got very good depth as a character and I enjoy her personality and what she does for Erik. The rest of the cast is equally good as well, but for me the stars are Thea and Erik.

Grammar: There are occasional small issues, but for the most part this is easily readable and not hard on the eyes at all like some of the other stuff you’ll find online written by novice authors.

Overall: A good book, and series. If you enjoyed the darker parts of Our Chaoz; Our Reality you’ll love The Dragon Within.

For those who like: Fantasy, Magic, Dragons, Great Plot, Awesome Characters, Good Grammar.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, or Darker Fantasy.

Serial Saturday: Our Chaoz Chapters 68-90 by SlyOkami

This week for Serial Saturday I’m back with the penultimate set of chapters in Kyle’s adventures. It’s Our Chaoz Chapters 68-90 by SlyOkami!

Plot Synopsis: Having sided with the Dezol legions Kyle and his friends in the Blood Pack Mercenary guild start to wreak havoc and chaos on their foes for their deceptions and seek to bring about the end of this Grand Quest. However even now there lurks a danger from their pasts and not even they are guaranteed to escape unscathed from the plots they are unraveling…

Plot: This is a really heavy set of chapters, honestly it almost made me want to drop the series with how serious the series gets in this arc. It was almost lighthearted at times in past arcs, but now those times are so few and far between that I really had to push through to finish the series.

Characters: We get a bunch of new faces in this set of chapters, but the star of this set of chapters isn’t Kyle this time around. I won’t spoil who it is though.

Overall: If it weren’t for being the second to last set of chapters, I might have dropped this series due to how dark it gets in this set. If you can handle that though, I suggest pushing through.

Serial Saturday: Our Chaoz Chapters 27-47 by SlyOkami

This week for Serial Saturday I’m back with the third arc in Kyle’s adventures. It’s Our Chaoz Chapters 24-27 by SlyOkami!

Plot Synopsis: Having declared war against Liliana and her demonic forces Kyle and his friends have decided to take the fight to them. But all is not as it seems and as they arrive at a Dwarven fortress Kyle starts to have some doubts about himself, this world and the people in it…

Plot: This is a pretty great set of chapters, and honestly I didn’t see most of what occurs in this set coming. Which for me is incredibly rare, as many long time readers of mine will know. For those unaware about what I’m talking about, I’ve got a gift for taking apart plots and seeing potential plot twists and can forsee the course of most novels with a good degree of accuracy just after reading only 50 pages. There are some exceptions, like Murder-Mystery series, but even those don’t tend to surprise me all that often.

That’s why I do what I do, which is review stories. I enjoy them deeply and while I can see many plot lines before they fully unfold, I still enjoy almost every story. Plus I read a good 1,000+ pages of text a day typically. But that’s getting off topic.

Characters: We get introduced to some more of Kyle’s guildies in this set of chapters, and we get even more insight into how Kyle and the others work. It’s a great time and honestly I really enjoy all the wackiness that happens with Kyle and his friends.

Overall: A great set of chapters in a series that can surprise even me.

Serial Saturday: Our Chaoz Chapters 17-26 by SlyOkami

This week for Serial Saturday I’m back with the second set of chapters in Kyle’s adventures. It’s Our Chaoz Chapters 17-26 by SlyOkami!

Plot Synopsis: Having been suddenly told that what he once thought of as a game is now a reality, Kyle and his friends prepare to deal with the fallout and face off against the demons and the demi-goddess that stuck them here in this reality. But along the way Kyle starts remembering things, things he’s been blocked from remembering….

Plot: This is where the story starts to get really, odd. Odd is the best word I can use for this, because I really can’t describe it without spoiling things. So if you are at all curious at what has even me stumped to describe, you probably should read this series.

Characters: We get introduced to quite a few new characters, but our star is still Kyle, for the most part. We get other PoVs and they are quite interesting to read. I can’t say more without spoiling things.

Overall: Definitely worth reading, I’m stumped even describing this story, and that’s a rarity for me.

Serial Saturday: Our Chaoz Chapters 1-16 by SlyOkami

This week for Serial Saturday I’m back with the first few chapters in a series that’s completed. It’s Our Chaoz Chapters 1-16 by SlyOkami!

Plot Synopsis: Kyle was a simple gamer, he always picked the strangest classes or jobs and his characters almost looked the same. He played for the combat, he played for the grind and he played for his guild but above all he played for the story. Kyle is a roleplayer, one who enjoys the simple parts of this virtual life. Whether his guild was starting a war or ending one he’d always have his drammatic entrence or exit, his decleration of annihalition or demand of surrender. After all that? He divulged himself in the game’s story, the interaction with NPCS (Non Player Characters) and their advanced AI. He went through many questlines, many tales of heroics and many more adventurers of legend, but one thing always remained true with his character….

Kyle absolutely loved to the play the villain.

Plot: The plot of these first few chapters is introducing us to the main characters and really understanding what’s going on with Kyle when he starts up this new game. It’s pretty good although if you wanted a righteous main character you’re going to be highly disappointed.

Characters: We get introduced to a lot of characters, but Kyle is our main lead. The rest of the cast is just as good as Kyle though, with some nice depth to them. That being said my favorite side character is probably Sly.

Overall: A solid start to a series that thankfully is already completed.

For those who like: LitRPGs, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Drama, Action, Adventure, Fantastic Plot, Great Cast of Characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

Personal Status: Fully read. I’ll get to covering the rest of the series soonish.