Retro Game Friday: Mario Superstar Baseball

This week for Retro Game Friday I’m back with another Mario game. It’s Mario Superstar Baseball!

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty good, although the fact that they implemented a Mercy rule in gameplay was pretty hilarious to me at the time. It still is, but the main appeal of the game was to recruit players on the opposing team by performing certain acts to earn flags towards recruiting the player. You’d try to do that without recruiting the team’s captain at the same time, which could lead to you intentionally performing poorly, although never to the point of throwing a game since you had to win to recruit someone. If you recruited the captain you’d have to face off against the people you didn’t recruit on a team led by Bowser Jr. which was a pain in the butt from what I remember.

Art: The art was good at the time, but it’s aged poorly since it’s release. That isn’t surprising at all, but required mentioning nonetheless.

Music: Classic Mario music, nothing more need be said really.

Overall: A fun game, but skippable if you weren’t really wanting to play a baseball game that had a Mario spin.

For those who like: Sports Games, Baseball, Mario Games, Good Gameplay.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

Retro Game Friday: Super Mario Strikers

This week for Retro Game Friday I’m taking a look back at another Mario game. It’s Super Mario Strikers!

Gameplay: Let me get this out of the way and state that there is no story to the game. Now as for the actual gameplay it was pretty good, although pretty narrow in terms of modes available. The lack of adherence to most rules was a good point in the favor of the game though, since those rules are less fun when you play a video game. Though please don’t slide tackle in actual soccer games unless you get the approval of your coach kiddies. That being said I am not a huge fan of the quick time events that occurred when you attempted to use a Super Shot with a team captain, but overall the gameplay is solid if lacking in the single player department compared to the multiplayer department.

Art: The art hasn’t completely aged poorly, but it’s nothing amazing either. But that’s the nature of the beast when it comes to 3D games.

Music: Classic Mario themes applied to soccer, that’s all I really need to say here.

Overall: A fun game for the most part, but with little single player offerings it can grow boring for those without a friend to play local co-op.

For those who like: Mario Games, Soccer, Sports Games.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

Video Game Tuesday: Hype


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m covering a topic I find people complain a bit too much about. It’s all about Hype!

Hype?: Yes as defined by Urban Dictionary it’s “when someone gets excited about something”, but I’m going to define it a tad bit further as “when someone gets excited about something because they’ve been told only good things about it”. It’s not always a good thing, I’m talking about you Destiny, but sometimes it’s a necessary thing for a game to do well.

Really?: Yes some great games are left relatively unknown from the majority of the gamer population simply because no one has heard about them. Games like Tales of Zestiria, Okami, and many more are destined to sell rather poorly because no one talks about them, or talks about them much. They don’t get talked about in big press conferences or get much marketing in the form of Ads, or have articles written by people like me.

I’m sensing a “but” here: You’re right, sometimes a game can honestly be overhyped, like Destiny a game where the best out of the box form of gameplay was an exploit to shoot into a cave endlessly in order to get rare items because they launched with a really stupid loot design that shouldn’t have gotten past the pre-alpha stage. Call of Duty is another series that is constantly gushed over, even though in reality the games only get a visual make over every year, and a bland story can’t really cover up the fact that you’re playing essentially the same game that was launched the previous year only with minor changes. Or Sports games, a genre of Video Games I still can’t believe people buy constantly despite it having the exact same issues as Call of Duty except they don’t even bother to half-ass a story into it.

So when you’re hearing about those big name games take everything with a grain of salt, and go searching for some games that almost no one talks about, like Tales of Zestiria or Okami.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday! Do you have any games you’ve found to be over or under hyped? Leave a comment below.

Video Game Tuesday: Yearly Sports Games


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m covering a topic that really bugs the hell out of me. It’s Yearly Sports Games!

Why?: I’ve covered my reasons for disliking yearly releases before, but Sports Games bug me even more! I can’t stand the fact that every year people spend money on a game that changed so little from the year before. Oh but they have better “Ball Physics” and the like are the excuses I hear. But does it really change anything fundamentally enough to be paying $60 or equivalent to purchase it?

What should change?: A smart developer would make it a yearly patch where they readjust the statistics of each player and charge for comestic options for individual players like creating a trail of glitter or the like in their wake when they run. This patch would include updates to things like physics and the AI, and would be free while those who really love to play with certain teams or people would be able to deck them out with cosmetic items they can pay for. “That person must really like Marcus Mariota cause he’s such a stand-up sort of fellow and is so humble!” Someone might exclaim when seeing Mariota throw a pass that left a trail of fire in its wake when they played online. It’d be purely cosmetic and get back to those good old days of having fun silly ideas to games like Big Head Modes from the N64 era. Instead they charge people to buy a yearly pile of crap that isn’t worth the $60 price tag at all.

When the next generation of consoles came out, or some new hardware like PlayStation VR was released, I can understand charging for a whole new game, but I don’t understand why people shell out money for a yearly game that changes so little from year to year.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!