Video Game Tuesday: Mini Retro Consoles

This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m talking about the recent spate of classic consoles being remade with limited emulation capabilities.  It’s all about Mini Retro Consoles!

Mini Retro Consoles?: So for those unaware the last couple years, Nintendo has released two machines that have limited emulation capabilties of classic games for the system that they are modeled off of. Although there was one special game that didn’t get released until the Super Nintendo Classic came out.

Which game?: Star Fox 2 was famously canceled after completing development in favor of giving the Nintendo 64 a Star Fox sequel. So it was released for the SNES Classic edition. Honestly while a neat story it seems to be more of a publicity stunt to me.

What remakes of classic consoles are there? There is the NES Classic, the SNES Classic and now just recently announced, Sega Genesis Mini (or Sega Mega Drive Mini).

What are the downsides?: Well other than that ridiculously short cable for the controller you see above for the NES Classic, there were limited games allowed onto the consoles. Now hackers have allowed for the importation of more games, but frankly at that point you might as well just play a PC Emulation and use a more modern controller that is a hell of a lot more ergonomic.

Why buy them?: Well other than supporting the console maker, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to do so. Honestly, I’d rather play a game with a lot more convenient and comfortable controllers now a days instead of the clunky older controllers. Just thinking about using the N64 controller gives me hand cramps.

That’s it for this Week’s Video Game Tuesday. Do you like this recent trend? Or is it just feeding off people’s nostalgia? Leave a comment below with your answer!