Video Game Tuesday: Theorycrafting



For this week on Video Game Tuesday I’m covering Theorycrafting!

What is Theorycrafting?: Taking raw data from a video game and using it to calculate exactly what the ideal play style is for highest efficiency. For damage dealers it’s all about tightening up their skill rotation to allow for the most damage to go out. For healers types it’s about recovering the most health for their party with the lowest usage of resources (be they mana or MP or whatever the game uses).

Why is it important: Theorycrafting leads to higher skilled play for games like World of Warcraft; if you ignore the rules of the game and just play like you want, you will not get very far.

Do you really need to use math?: Yes and no. In most cases of Theorycrafting you will want to be using math to calculate various numbers, however sometimes you can do what I call practical theorycrafting and test whether certain mechanics of boss fights are affected by specific spells. A good example of practical theorycrafting would be finding out exactly when to use the Anti-Magic Shell ability from World of Warcraft as a Death Knight in each boss fight.

Where can I theorycraft for (Insert Game Name Here)?: Honestly my best advice for looking for fellow theorycrafters is to Google it. Unless you are asking about World of Warcraft, in which case I’ll point you to Elitist Jerks or Acherus for the Death Knight class.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday.