Video Game Tuesday: Thoughts on the Bungie/Activision Split

Hey all I’m back with some thoughts on a subject that was often a topic I was asked about while I was taking a break for this week’s Video Game Tuesday. It’s my Thoughts on the Bungie/Activision Split!

So did you see this coming?: Yes and no, honestly if I was some of the investors at Activision I’d have been pissed at Bungie for the absolute pathetic showing they gave us with the original Destiny. The Taken King was a big step in the right direction, but after that came the filler that was Rise of Iron and the absolutely atrocious Destiny 2. Forsaken was actually quite fun, but that was only for a few months and still was highly exploitative of Bungie when you consider how underwhelming Black Armory was. So while I was a bit shocked at the turn of events a few months back I wasn’t surprised that Activision wanted to wash their hands of the clusterf*ck that is the Destiny IP.

But it’s a good thing right?: Yeah I’m going to say it’s got the potential to be a good thing, but until Bungie steps up and makes a game that actually can take advantage of all that Destiny could be I’ll be only disappointed with them. The fact that the game still lacks good space flight gameplay after all this time and so many various ship models made by the artists is nothing short of a travesty. I’d like to go around the solar system using my Thousand Wings and go back to various places like the Cosmodrome from the original Destiny. The fact that they bothered to tease it and didn’t let us go back to old locations is a travesty, and insulting to many players.

Honestly the whole losing all your progress from Destiny 1 to Destiny 2 was just as insulting, and while some say making a clean break is only a good thing I would beg to differ. If they were forced to make guns that outdid older ones like Midnight Coup or the IKELOS shotgun just to give the gameplay variations it’d only better the game in the long run. The fact that they continually add old guns like Thorn or Thunderlord to the game was just as much an insult as not letting us keep them.

I’ll be honest, I don’t see Bungie recovering from this in any conceivable measure in the next year and possibly never. They just lost all their Marketing and additional studio support that they had received in the past and used in “expansions” like Curse of Osiris or Warmind. They’ll need to work five times as hard with just the people they have on hand, and that will take away from the development time that could make Destiny 3, or whatever the next installment will be, better.

When Bungie split off from Microsoft, in a move really similar to what happened with Activision, right down to the people in Bungie HQ cheering, they pretty much fell off the map and weren’t seen for years until Destiny was announced, and even then the game we got years after that announcement was so far from expectations that it was a huge let down. I’m expecting the exact same thing to happen again, and while I can hope I’m wrong it’s not a large hope.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday.



Video Game Tuesday: Destiny’s Spring Update


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m answering a question I’m getting asked a bunch. It’s all about what I think about Destiny’s Spring Update.

What is the Spring Update?: According to what we know so far, it’ll increase the level cap (yay forever 329 or whatever is the new stuck marker due to RNG), add new quests, and a new strike. That’s fine and all, except that frankly this is all way too late for it too even matter. Not only does it come 7 months after the launch of Taken King, it doesn’t even try to compete with The Division, which is alright from what I’ve heard since it launched a couple weeks ago.

What else is there in the Update?: Nothing else has been confirmed, but they showed us an image of Prison of Elder gear that had the Taken texture applied. Now putting aside the fact that retextures are some of the laziest tricks of game art, it doesn’t mean anything for sure. It could mean that we are getting all of Year One’s endgame content redone, which if true would’ve been great 4 months ago, when the game was still relatively fun. Now however it really doesn’t matter, even if they include redone versions of Vault of Glass, Crota’s End (which is nightmarish to even think about), and Prison of Elders in addition to what we know for sure will be in it. However I doubt we’ll get all that. Instead we’ll probably get a rehashed version of Prison of Elders if we’re lucky. And we all know how that turned out, exactly like I predicted way before House of Wolves ever launched.

So are you going to be playing this?: Nope, I’d rather bash my head into a wall a few thousand times rather than play Destiny again at this point. They need to rework way too many things that just won’t be done before Destiny 2 if ever for me to even consider coming back.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!

Video Game Tuesday: Why Bungie’s Plan is a Failure Already


This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m holding nothing back anymore. I’ve had it with Bungie’s Plan for the future.

What Plan?: Last week Activision and Bungie both confirmed that Destiny 2 is coming out in 2017 Spring (Watch, it’ll get delayed until September) and that we’d get an “Expansion” sometime this upcoming fall. Also they’re raising the level cap in Destiny sometime this Spring (Probably in May or June).

How is it already a Failure?: Easy, first off for a game that had so much money poured into it, such a lack of content for up to a year and a half, at the minimum, and the lack of any details regarding it is unacceptable.

Secondly remember that the term “Expansion” when used by Bungie has meant things like The Dark Below, which was great for maybe the first week. Otherwise it was absolutely terrible.  I feel like an idiot regarding how much I was expecting from the game pre release and shortly afterwards. The Dark Below offered no expanded Patrols, and barely anything new mission wise.

Thirdly and finally, they didn’t even even go into detail regarding the Level Cap increase. Is it an increase to the base levels meaning we can get to 50? Or is it a raising of the Light Level cap, which is way more likely, and thus not only doesn’t add anything to the game, but is pretty much giving the middle finger to every player by saying “hah, and you thought “Forever 319″ was bad.” It doesn’t even matter if they add any new “missions” or exotic quest lines. Such content will satisfy players for a few hours at most, and in a game that strives to be an MMO, a few hours of additional content is laughable.

If they hope to prove me and others wrong, they’ll need to bring out a new patrol zone, new subclasses, missions, strikes and raids in the Spring Update. Needless to say that the likelyhood of any of that happening is so low as to be statistically impossible.

Bungie’s gone and fucked up big this time with their vague bullshit and non answers. People like me wouldn’t be so angry if we could just get some straight answers to important questions in a timely manner (read: a day or two at the most) instead of after months.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday. The ball is in your court Bungie, prove me wrong.


Video Game Tuesday: Having fun with exploits


For this week’s Video Game Tuesday I’m going to be talking about having fun. It’s all about exploiting the bugs for amusement/gain.

For the past week I’ve been reviewing Destiny: The Taken King, and while I’ve got the review submitted and it should be up by the time this post runs I’ve also been exploiting Bungie’s mistake for my own gain. Normally I would never ever condone this, but given my history with Destiny’s RNG system and the fact that DeeJ, the Community Manager for Bungie said to “enjoy it while you can” so I did.

What is this exploit?: Xur came for his weekly trip with a new consumable item called Three of Coins. It allows an Ultra, read named, enemy to possibly drop an exotic engram. If it doesn’t drop the next time you use one of the items again and kill an ultra it has a better chance. This repeats until one drops. The old Scourge of Winter mission allows you to respawn right before the boss of the level allowing you to bring him down far enough to kill with a single rocket and you’d run up to him and shoot at point blank range in order to die and restart at the checkpoint. If he dropped an engram it would stay on the ground.

Why did you take advantage of it?: Because I know they are going to nerf this item to the ground, and I might as well get as much use out of it while I can. I spent every single strange coin I had on buying the items and farmed that mission for a few hours. About 130 items later I came out with a Hawkmoon, Zahalo and Hereafter as well as 20 other Engrams I haven’t decoded yet. I’m saving them for the off chance I actually care enough about the game to bother with getting to the next Light Level tier and have them boosted to the maximum values upon decode.

Why is this fun?: Because it’s taking a system and breaking it by using the rules against the developers intended choice. Also because I like to stick it to Bungie for all the crap they put me and other’s through since launch day of Destiny last year.

Am I spiteful because I did this?: I don’t think so, at least not overly spiteful. I missed the Loot Cave last year, which was arguably the best unintended player interaction that happened after the launch of the game. So I wasn’t going to miss this chance.

Why should I, the reader, care?: Because it’s great fun to take unintended bugs and troll others with it. If you heard about the corrupted blood event in WoW that’s a great example of potential fun to be had with unintentional bugs.

That’s it for this week’s Video Game Tuesday!