Manga Monday: Helck by Nanao Nanaki


This week for Manga Monday I’ve got another Quick Review. It’s Helck by Nanao Nanaki!

Plot Synopsis: The Demon King has been defeated and now the Demon World is running a competition to choose a successor. A muscular, high-level human named Helck has joined the competition claiming that he wishes to destroy all humans. Is he serious?!?

Plot: The plot of this first chapter is pretty hilarious, we’ve got a total twist on the Demon King vs Hero trope and it was great to read. I won’t spoil the twists, but it made me burst out laughing more than once.

Characters: We didn’t get introduced to Helck in this chapter, not really, we get to see him in the background, but the main star of this chapter was Vamirio one of the four highest ranking Demons. She was pretty funny to watch freak out at having a human participate in a contest to become the Demon King.

Art: The art is pretty great, not quite Shueisha level work, but not far from it.

Overall: This is a great first chapter, this is getting my definite approval.

For those who like: Fantasy, Magic, Comedy, Drama, Action, Great Plot, Fantastic Cast of Characters, Awesome Artwork.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

Manga Monday: It’s My Life by Narita Inomushi


This week for Manga Monday I’m doing a Quick Review of a series I stumbled across recently. It’s My Life by Narita Inomushi!

Plot Synopsis: Astra L. Doomsday, former captain of the royal knights has finally achieved his dearest wish: To retire and use his savings to get his very own house. But not long after finally arriving to his sanctuary, a young girl crash-lands into his house. The girl is an apprentice witch, and seems to mistake Astra for someone else.

Plot: The plot is hilarious, and very light hearted. Considering that I’m writing this post two days after the US Presidential Election I was ecstatic to laugh for any reason. Nevertheless I was very pleased by how good the story is, it’s not super original, but it’s still warmhearted enough to make me enjoy myself for the few minutes it took me to read the first chapter.
Characters: Astra is a great male lead to this series, while Noel is pretty clueless albeit in a cute sort of way for a child. They are really the only characters we get introduced to in this first chapter, I don’t think the small fry characters we meet will show up again. Probably.
Art: The art is wonderful, and fits this series very well. It could be a bit more well defined in the movement shots, but overall I love the artwork.
Overall: I’m going to give this the go ahead for now, as the story looks pretty promising.
For those who like: Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Laughing, Interesting Plots, Great Lead Characters, Awesome Artwork.
Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

Manga Monday: Kengan Asura by Sandrovich Yabako [Quick Review]


This week for Manga Monday I’ve got another Quick Review! It’s Kengan Asura by Sandrovich Yabako!

Plot Synopsis: Since the Edo periods of Japan, gladiator arenas exist in certain areas. In these arenas, wealthy business owners and merchants hire gladiators to fight in unarmed combat where winner takes all.

Plot: The plot of this first chapter seems to be an introduction to our main character, and I’ve got nothing against such a simple introductory chapter. It had plenty of action, although the violence was a bit off putting even to me. I don’t know whether I’ll continue reading the series.

Characters: Tokita Ohma is our lead and he seems to be the stereotypical punk delinquent, I can’t say I enjoy him all that much as he’s pretty arrogant, although he clearly has the right to be. The other character we get introduced to, Yamashita is kind of weird. Honestly I really don’t think I’ll continue reading this series, it’s just too much violence with no real plot behind it.

Art: The art is good, although not at Shueisha quality levels, which is probably why it’s not published by them.

Overall: A skippable series, unless you really love violence and martial arts.

For those who like: Action, Martial Arts, Violence.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.