Video Game Tuesday: Watch_Dogs and what didn’t work



This week I’m going to talk about what didn’t work well in Watch_Dogs.

Driving: For a game in such a vast city and such importance on being able to escape from the police or other enemies, controlling your vehicle was way too hard. If you wanted an easy way to escape you got on a Motorcycle and weaved through traffic with ease, but if you hit anything that wasn’t destructible you would go flying off the bike. Driving felt like you were sliding on Ice in a platforming game like Mario 64.  I really hope for the inevitable sequel that the driving gets improved vastly so that everything handles much better, and that I don’t feel punished for not using my Sayonara motorcycle or dying mid mission and losing the bike I parked outside the mission area to escape.

Money: I have at least a couple billion in my wallet right now in Watch_Dogs, because I took the time to get all the cash hack upgrades and now I never worry about money anymore. There is a fine line between having way too much money and not enough that you feel like you need to grind for it. Watch_Dogs took the easy way out and decided to give you millions at your fingertip at any time. In fact after about an hour into the game I never worried about money ever again.

Combat: I actually enjoy the combat in Watch_Dogs, but I felt that after unlocking the Spec Ops SMG and Assault Rifle that I was able to blaze through every mission with little difficulty because I could take out enemies with my silenced weapons way too easily.

Side Quests: I loved the side quests in Watch_Dogs, but I really wish that they would give us the Far Cry 3 treatment and give us the option to reset each of the gang hideouts and ctOS mainframe server locations. Update: On August 23rd they added the ability to reset certain sidequests, but not the ability to reset the ctOS mainframes.

Aiden: Look Aiden sounded like a really great character prior to release, but dammit I hate the way he turned out. You made him a gruff Batman wannabe and while I love his look with the long leather coat, I really wish that he wasn’t so shallow. He was so caught up in revenge that he ruined his entire life for it. I hope we get a new main character in the sequel, someone like Jordi, who was my favorite character with T-Bone close behind.

Multiplayer: I loved the multiplayer, in fact currently I’m in the top 1% percentile of players worldwide in Multiplayer. That being said I wish that you had random NPC’s driving on motorcycles around the city. If you spotted someone else on a motorcycle they were always another player and you were obliged to gun them down.

Overall: The game was great, but it doesn’t have the longevity that GTA does, partly because GTA Online is updated so often and people can do so many different things.

Video Game Tuesday: Watch_Dogs [Review of Act 2 and my time spent online]



This week I’m continuing my coverage of Watch_Dogs with my review of Act 2.

Plot: The plot was predictable, but I wasn’t really expecting some of the curveballs that came, particularly all the stuff with Bug.

Gameplay: I focused on tailing and hacking mainly this week online and found that while I really enjoy driving on a motorcycle in this game it really sucks to drive anything else, because it handles terribly. Also since there are no NPCs (Non-Player Characters) who drive motorcycles I can tell when another player is invading me. I do wish that wasn’t the case as it really ruins the ability to hack into other players games easily. Tailing on the other hand was pretty frustrating at first, but once I got the hang of using the cameras around me to spy on someone it got much easier.

Overall: I still think this game is amazing, but there are some definite improvements I want for the inevitable sequel, not that is a bad thing. I want NPC’s driving motocycles, and the handling on cars not to suck nearly as much. Everything else has made me really happy and that feeling when you trap another player who was about to hack you and blow him/her up is just satisfying.

Congratulations to Ubisoft on the record breaking sales of a new IP with Watch_Dogs. I hope we get a sequel next year.


Video Game Tuesday: Watch_Dogs [First Act Impressions Only]



This week I’m going over my impressions of my first few days of time with Watch_Dogs for the PS4.

Plot Synopsis: The story of Watch Dogs follows Aiden Pearce (Noam Jenkins), a skilled hacker and former thug. Eleven months after his actions led to the death of his niece, Lena, Aiden seeks to bring his own form of justice to the culprits by manipulating Chicago‘s CtOS, or Central Operating System, a supercomputer that controls every piece of technology in the city and contains information on all of the city’s residents and activities which can be used for various purposes.

Plot: I haven’t gotten very far, but so far it’s very interesting and I’m looking forward to really sinking my teeth into the plot. There will be a full review of this game later with more of my thoughts on the plot.

Gameplay: I’ve only beaten the first 6 missions in the main campaign, but I’ve spent the rest of my time just roaming around the city unlocking various things like cars, ctOS towers and branches. I’ve even spent an hour playing Texas Hold’em which is interesting when you can watch an opponents stress level. Other than that I’ve done no side quest missions, but have spent quite a bit of time playing the online modes particularly the Hacking Invasion game type which is very fun.


Multiplayer: Right after I took this screenshot, and while I was tweeting it using the share function my PS4 I had my game invaded. However the player hadn’t started hacking me yet and when I closed the menu for tweeting and saw that a car was behind me in the wrong lane I knew instantly that it was another player. So I got off my bike and shot him in the head. It was very satisfying. He should have hacked me and than jumped off the bridge and swum under the bridge so I couldn’t find him easily while I was standing still. Anyways the gameplay in this really rocks and the multiplayer merges seamlessly with single player. If you are just wandering out in the world, not in any main story or side mission like a criminal convoy, you can be invaded by another player and they can either try to hack you or tail you. If they try to hack you you will be alerted once it starts and you’ll have about a minute and a half to try to find them within a certain area on your mini-map. It’s harder than it sounds because there are tons of NPC’s.

Music: The music in this game is pretty awesome and that’s not even counting the MP3 function of the phone in the game, which can steal any song you hear and copy it so you can play it at your leisure. I personally like the Punk Rock songs, although I wish I could import my own music.

Art: The graphics in this game are amazing and while you PC master racists are going to win in the end, I’m not going to be surprised if we get another Watch_Dogs in the near future because this game broke records for Ubisoft in pre-order sales alone. The next game should take full advantage of the power of the next-gen consoles and it’ll look even nicer.

Overall: If you don’t own this game and you like Open World games you are really missing out.

For those who like: Sci-Fi in present day and age, Hackers, Open-World games like Grand Theft Auto.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above, or crude language. There is a lot of swearing in this game, and that’s not even counting the sexual innuendos and so on. This game definitely makes you feel like a creeper sometimes.