Windborne’s Story Eatery Closed Indefinitely

Hey all it’s with a heavy heart that I’m announcing that this personal blog of mine is not going to be updated for the foreseeable future. The “new” block editor for WordPress is just too clunky and a pain in the ass to use, and even disregarding that I just don’t have the time to deal with the formatting issues that crop up when I try to copy over to GiN or vice-versa. However I’ll still be blogging over on GiN, so if you want to continue reading my stuff please go over there. If for some reason you only want to read my stuff, than you can use this handy link and bookmark it, it shows only the stuff I’ve written with the most recent posts first, this includes any game and book reviews I’ve got over on GiN. I do ask that you read my colleague’s stuff though, but that link is there for you all to use if for whatever reason that isn’t what you want to do. This situation may change if GiN ever switches over to the block editor, but I’m not going to ask them to do so, because I prefer the old WYSIWYG editor over this clunky garbage any day. I do hope you all continue to read my work over on GiN, but if you don’t for whatever reason than it’s been a pleasure to write posts for you for over 6 years. Maybe in the future I’ll be back, but until then this Blog is going to stay up for posterity’s sake.

Introducing Synth Saturday

Hey all I’m happy to announce that I will be retiring Serial Saturday and bringing a new medium to cover for Saturday’s in it’s place. It’s titled Synth Saturday and it will cover Fan Fictions. I will still cover grammar and basic things like plot and characters when I cover a Fan Fic, but I’ll also be looking into various stereotypes and fandom ideas that are used, like the fact that most Harry Potter fans see Dumbledore as a manipulative jerk. That was a real shock to me, but I also could see the reasoning behind it.

I will make a post that covers basic terminology used in Fan Fics, so various terms and phrases don’t confuse you.

Disclaimers: I do not own anything talked about in this column except what I write here which are my opinions and are subject to change on my whim. If someone is making a profit off the franchise or the fiction author mentions something like Patreon that is purely on them and them alone. This will be the one and only disclaimer for all future posts in this column. I’m too busy, and more importantly lazy, to write “I don’t own (Insert works name here)” every time I write one of these posts.

Six Years of Writing

Hey all. I just wanted to interrupt our regularly scheduled Movie Monday with a small post celebrating my sixth anniversary of writing.

I first started this blog to challenge myself to see if I could write something every day for a single year, and I succeeded beyond my wildest imaginations by keeping to that daily release schedule for over three years. About halfway through that first year I was contacted by Game Industry News and I started to post my blogs there as well as doing occasional game reviews. Then I was asked to do Audiobook reviews for Audible and then later Tor.

I was ecstatic to be able to do those things. I still am despite me taking a step back from daily posting. My writing has changed quite a bit since then, I’d like to think I have become much more concise and while my posts and reviews might not be as long or as frequent anymore I do think I am much more accurate as to my goal of covering as many stories as I can and portraying them as fairly as possible.

Finally I’d like you all to please consider my question I posed a few weeks ago regarding Fan Fictions. Please do comment with your opinions by February 20th and I’ll decide on what to do regarding that question. Though I am still leaning towards an affirmative to that at this time.

Update on Posting Schedule

Hey all I just wanted to give a quick update on my posting schedule. It’s still rather warm where I am right now and I’m currently not up to posting more often. I can’t promise that I’ll be getting back to daily posts any time soon, and I won’t be making that promise.

Life hasn’t been easy for me this past year, with the various stresses I’ve experienced I’m still struggling to handle it all and honestly it hasn’t gotten any better like I had hoped it would. They say “Time heals all wounds” That is false and while I agree that it’s true to a certain extent, it’s only a tiny bit true to me. I’m unsure when I’ll be up to getting back to my previous schedule of daily posts, but I will let you all know when that occurs.

So until then, please put up with my current posting schedule. Thanks for the understanding and I hope every has a good Autumn.

A Reminder on Column Topics

Hey all a couple months ago there was a rather vocal outcry to a certain post I made. It’s A Reminder on Column Topics!

Why?: I wanted to clear any misconceptions regarding my columns and what they deal with. Because while I love the fact that people commented to such a massive degree on one of my posts, the fact is that everything I said in that post was completely true, accurate and stuck to the topic of that column. I accept constructional criticism and welcome it gladly, I went to Art School for game design, which is how I know most of what I talk about on my blog and my various game reviews, so receiving said criticism is nothing new for me.

But don’t call my posts something they aren’t, and if I absolutely tear apart a beloved franchise for you, please keep in mind that I deal with stories of all kinds. I’ve experienced tens of thousands of them in various media formats from the spoken word to video games, and I’ve experienced just about every single type of story there is out there. What you think is amazing is not necessarily so amazing to me because I have little patience for something that can’t hold my attention enough for me to care about the characters.

Now here is your reminder on my columns. These are the descriptions I have on Windborne’s Story Eatery for each column.

Anime Sunday: My posts on Sundays are about Anime. Simple Enough.

Movie Monday: Movie Mondays are days where I cover some of my favorite movies of all time and some I hate with a passion. You’ll have to read which are which in each post!

Video Game Tuesday: Posts on Tuesdays are about Video Games and the Video Game Industry.

Bookish Wednesday: Posts on Wednesdays are about various books. Previously called Book Series Wednesday.

Translation Necessary Thursday: Posts on Thursday are focused on various written works that are translated from Japan, Korea and China. These include Light Novels, Web Novels, and Novels.

Retro Game Friday: Posts on Fridays cover games from previous video game generations, and the reviews are usually not unbiased as I’m going off memory of my time playing the game rather than playing it recently.

Serial Saturday: Posts on Saturdays are all about amateur English Web Novels that are published online, usually on Sometimes the series covered will be absolutely amazing, other times I’m going to roast them for their mistakes.