TNT: Qidian

This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m going to posting some links mainly. The Translation community is reeling from the betrayal of Qidian towards Wuxiaworld. It’s all about Qidian!

What is this about?: So on May 22nd, Qidian posted a defamatory thread in the Novel Updates forum. It was targeted specifically towards Wuxiaworld, arguably the largest fan translation site for Far Eastern novels in the world.  They demanded 31 licenses back from WW even though they had come to an agreement. The statements in that thread were blatantly false, and were poaching the translators and editors of those series. It was insulting.

What’s happened since?: Quite a bit has fallen out from RWX’s reply for Wuxiaworld to someone leaking what is arguably a slave contract, if you work with Qidian. There have been posts on both sides of the argument, but frankly anyone with half a brain can tell that this is all Qidian trying to consolidate what is already in a monopoly in China.  They have 97% of the market in China, and the parent company of Qidian is Tencent, a huge organization that owns stakes in both Riot Games (League of Legends) and Epic Games (Gears of War). That is just a small part of what they own. Not only have they gone back on their word to RWX, but they’ve gone back on their word to the community. I personally wrote about QI being a huge step forward for the community. I guess I was short sighted, like so many others.

Not only that, but everything that’s come out explains the lack of reply I got to an email I sent to their suggestions personnel requesting them to make the site better for readers. I had gotten a couple replies, telling me to log in, which is locked behind an invite code that you might not be able to get, but when I described what the issue was in great detail with a step-by step replication guide, I never got another email from them. Clearly they are being stingy and truly don’t hold the communities’ best interests at heart.

If you want to read each post and the Reddit reactions to them I advise you to check out these links.

Qidian’s initial NU post | Reddit Thread about it

Wuxiaworld’s Formal Response | Reddit Thread about it

Discussion thread on what the /r/noveltranslations community response will be

New Qidian Statement | Reddit Thread about it

Qidian Contract Leak | Reddit Thread about it

Qidian Owns Electronic Copyrights

Noodletown’s View on the Issue (truly a hilarious read, god the guy is either really stupid or deliberately trying to look like a dumbass to pass info on. Personally I’m leaning towards the former, but who really knows)

Noodletown’s Reply to Being Called Out on Lying in Previous Thread

Chinese Reactions to this Issue

That’s it for this week’s Translation Necessary Thursday. I’m plenty pissed off, and I’ll be boycotting Qidian International, something I couldn’t even read in the first place due to their crappy website. I advise other’s to do the same, especially since they want to put everything behind a paywall.


Anime Sunday: Losers of Summer 2016


This week for Anime Sunday I’m back with a look at the losers of the past Anime season! It’s my Losers of Summer 2016!

Hitori no Shita: I wasn’t expecting a lot, but it still was pretty sad for how poorly it was animated. Also it having characters names change after episode 01 wasn’t helpful. The artwork and plot were both terrible and was a horrible introduction to Wuxia for the newest generation of Anime fans.

Taboo Tattoo: The plot pretty much fell apart after the first episode, although it was occasionally fun to watch Taboo Tattoo definitely had a lot of promise that wasn’t lived up to in the end.

ReLIFE: I don’t know what I was expecting, but ReLIFE ended up being a pretty mediocre series. That being said props to them for streaming every episode at the start of the season. The comedy was excruciating and I just didn’t enjoy the series as much as I thought I would.

That’s it for this week’s Anime Sunday! Next week I’ll be back with a new series, probably.

TNT: Chinese Mythological Creatures Part 2


This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’ve got a second entry in my Chinese Mythological Creature series. It’s Chinese Mythological Creatures Part 2!

The Three Legged Golden Crow: The Golden Crow is the Sun Spirit of Chinese Mythology, interestingly enough the Moon spirit is the Osmanthus Tree instead of being an actual animal. In many fictional settings the Golden Crow, Vermillion Bird and Phoenix are some of the most powerful Fire elemental aspected creatures in their respective stories. If all three show up in the same story, they may have conflicts between themselves, but this isn’t always the case.

The Qilin: The Qilin, or Kirin in Japanese, is a Dragon that looks like a horse or deer. Often a sign of the arrival or passing of a Sage or Illustrious Ruler, the Qilin is often among the most powerful mythological creatures along with the Dragon and Phoenix. Often attributed with the elements of Fire or Lightning, it occasionally is aspected as Light as well.

Jiangshi: The Chinese version of the zombie, Jiangshi are not the slow witted, lumbering brain eating creatures that we see in Western cultures. Jiangshi are often very quick, and can jump or hop incredible distances. They also tend to be greenish white in skin coloration and can range from nondescript to horrifying in appearance. Jiangshi aren’t beaten with shotguns, often they require complete dismemberment or require being sealed by a Daoist priest or spellcaster. Fire works as well, or peach tree wood formed into a weapon, like a sword.

That’s it for this week’s Translation Necessary Thursday!

TNT: Zhan Long Chapters 81-120 by Shi Luo Ye


This week I’m back with the third batch of chapters for Zhan Long! It’s Zhan Long Chapters 81-120 by Shi Luo Ye!

Plot Synopsis: After gaining the Secret Class of Scavenger of Dragon City, Li Xiao Yao quickly rose to fame and infamy. He quickly became the top alchemist of Ba Huang City. After getting ganked a few times by the Generals and Jiang Fen Han they came to an agreement to fight together to get a Guild Creation tablet for Jiang Fen Han’s guild Vanguard. Li Xiao Yao got ready and set off to do battle with a large BOSS.

Plot: The plot of this set of chapters pretty much ramps up from the get go, and doesn’t let up for very long if at all. Which is pretty nice. We also get to see more of the world of <Destiny> and what goes on when players have conflicts.

Characters: We also get to meet more of Xiao Yao’s real life friends including Old K, Fox and Little Wolf who formed the original Zhan Long guild from a previous game. We also get to interact more with the Generals who are a real riot.

Overall: A very satisfying set of chapters that has almost non-stop action and plenty of drama.

TNT: Zhan Long Chapters 41-80 by Shi Luo Ye


This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m going back to one of my favorite VRMMO Web Novels! It’s Zhan Long Chapters 41-80 by Shi Luo Ye!

Plot Synopsis: Li Xiao Yao, Former S.W.A.T member, but was forcefully retired and became an ordinary security guard. While being sent to grab a ladder, he accidentally stumbled upon the VIP room instead of the storage room, and found a women in the middle of changing. As revenge, she brought him out in the middle of nowhere and kicked him off there. He spent hours walking back and learned he was fired, when he got back to his home he finds himself being kicked out of his apartment due to lack of payment. As bad things pile one after another, his previous supervisor at the police offers him a new job. However when he arrives to meet his new employer he finds out he’s now a bodyguard to the same young lady he accidentally saw changing…. His life was going to change forever.

Plot: So these set of chapters let us get to know more of Xiao Yao’s friends and his growing skill at playing the game Destiny (no, not the one I personally hate with a passion). It’s filled with lots of action and lots of Xiao Yao kicking ass, and PKing.

Characters: We get to meet lots of new people, including the Four Generals (named after some big names from the warring states period of Chinese history) and Jiang Fen Han who is a bit of a stuck up guy. The Generals were cool however. Oh and Xiao Yao is still my favorite character, although Yue Qing Qing is pretty cool as well.

Overall: An excellent set of chapters, while we’re still in the starting stages of the journey it’s still a very fun ride.


TNT: Great Demon King Chapters 41-80 by Ni Cang Tian


This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m covering another set of chapters in Han Shuo’s adventures. It’s Great Demon King Chapters 41-80 by Ni Cang Tian!

Plot Synopsis: Han Shuo was picked up by an evil demonic asshole who wanted to take over his body to live longer. When he was about to be killed two immortals who were chasing the asshole disturbed the ritual and ended up killing the demon. Han Shuo woke up in the body of a recently deceased slave in a Magical Academy, named Brian. He discovered he had gained almost all of the memories of the demon, although some were obscured from his immediate recall until he became more powerful.He decided to get revenge for his body’s previous owner. He tried to scare the wits out of the culprit, a female Necromancy student named Lisa, and failed miserably. He started to practice the methods of body refinement in order to become stronger and overcome his faults. He quickly became much stronger and started to learn Necromancy.

After dealing with a few bullies and even getting Lisa to apologize for killing him, it turns out she did it to free him from his misery, and even getting the beautiful teacher Fanny to help him out with learning magic. Shortly after he was assigned to be the mule for the annual training expedition to a nearby forest filled with monsters for the Necromancy students and left with Lisa and Fanny. As he quickly proved his worth to the rest of the students by saving their hides and killing monsters they met a passing Knight named Clark. He saw that Clark was looking at Lisa and Fanny with evil intentions so Han Shuo got Clark to implicate himself as a voyeur by leading him to a creek where Fanny and Lisa were bathing in order to drive him away from them. However after Clark left, a giant monster serpent emerged from the water where Fanny and Lisa were bathing….

Plot: This set of chapters starts right after that cliffhanger and concludes the Dark Forest arc. However Han Shuo’s adventures only get more intense and awesome from there. I really enjoyed this set of chapters as it’s a huge turning point for Han Shuo. It also showcases Han Shuo’s increasing reputation and his burgeoning romance with Fanny and Lisa.

Characters: We don’t really get to meet many more characters in this, though Fabian and Phoebe are the two standouts. However Han Shuo’s antics still make him my favorite character thus far.

Overall: An excellent set of chapters in a series that any fantasy loving fan will enjoy greatly.

TNT: Great Demon King Chapters 1-40 by Ni Cang Tian


This week for Translation Necessary Thursday I’m covering a new series that I started reading recently. It’s Great Demon King Chapters 1-40 by Ni Cang Tian!

Plot Synopsis: If I don’t die… I swear I will act on all my evil thoughts. Not exactly everyone’s typical thought when they’re about to die. What will a cowardly young man do when reincarnated with the evil powers to redefine his destiny? Can the natural kindness of human nature triumph over evil? Will he become the cold-blooded demon king of legend, or will he forge his own path and rain down another kind of terror?

Plot: The plot is pretty awesome right from the get go, and it doesn’t stop. I have to say I found this series to be pretty good, not as amazing as some of the other Chinese Web Novels I’ve read recently, but definitely not as bad as other things I’ve been reading recently, particularly from Western authors.

Characters: We get to meet quite a few characters in these first forty chapters and I have to say Han Shuo is a pretty awesome lead, not as great as Lin Feng or other characters of that quality, but pretty awesome nonetheless. Of the side characters we get introduced to Lisa is probably my favorite as she doesn’t take crap from anyone, which is a quality I enjoy in characters, especially female ones.

Overall: A great read, not a must-read, but it’s pretty darn good.

For those who like: Action, Adventure, Romance, Drama, Reincarnation, Magic, Anti-hero Protagonists, Great Plot, Excellent Cast of Characters.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.