Shoujo Saturday: Barajou no Kiss by Aya Shouoto


So I recently just started reading this series, only on chapter 5 so far, so Its going to be a mini review thus far since I’m not that far into it.

Story Summary: Anís Yamamoto’s father gave her a rose choker when she was young, claiming it was a protective amulet and if she ever took it off she would be afflicted by a “punishment”. But after a certain incident which caused the choker to disappear, she received four cards. These cards enabled her to summon Kaede Higa, Mutsuki Kurama, Mitsuru Tenjō and Seiran Asagi, her Rose Rhode knights, who told her that she was the Rose Princess.

Plot: I’m assuming it gets better because so far it’s just introduced each of the knights so far. Of them all I like the black one,Mutsuki I think, best as he seems interesting while the others haven’t really gone into too much backstory yet.

Art: The real reason I got into this was that it had a really different style of art than any other Shoujo manga I’ve read thus far. It almost looks like a Shonen series, but it clearly isn’t from the plot thus far.

Overall: Too soon for me to tell, but I’m enjoying it so far. It’s not reached a point where I’ve started tearing through chapters yet though so thats not in its favor.

For those who like: Romantic Comedies(Not sure on this yet),Shoujo series, Magic, Bishonen(Really hot guys as my Japanese teacher would say).

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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