Retro Game Friday: Mad Dash Racing




This week on Retro Game Friday: We talk about the second to last Racing Game I ever played, Mario Kart Double Dash was the last, Mad Dash Racing.

Plot Synopsis (or what can pass for one I guess): On a little island on Trem Land, a crazed wizard named Hex, plans to take over the world using RED METEOR CHUNKS. He can’t do this on his own so he plans to set up an event to get all the METEOR CHUNKS and return them to Hex. A number of nasty characters have signed up to the event, think that they have the guts to find the METEOR CHUNKS. All the characters don’t know of what Hex is doing, so he waits until all the METEOR CHUNKS have been gathered for world domination. Hex mentions that for the one who brings back all the METEOR CHUNKS, will win a pig. Not according to the contract, one of the contestants named Sid, said that they win a Magic Scepter. One of the Tremmals (Hex’s Henchmen) saying agree with it, so Hex did. This is where the game begins.

Plot: It doesn’t really have one, the sad attempt at one was pathetic and shouldn’t have been bothered with.

Gameplay: I enjoyed using the Glider type characters most of all, I personally enjoy flying races as I usually kick butt with anything that can fly. From what I remember though every character type, Basher which can burst through stuff on the track that blocks other characters, Dashers who can perform short bursts of speed increases, and the Gliders who can take the aerial routes on race tracks, all are pretty equal from what I remember.  Other than that it’s a pretty standard racing game, just without vehicles.

Music: The only good thing I really remember about this game was it’s music, which my little brother enjoyed thoroughly at the time. I didn’t particularly care for it however.

Art: It was an Xbox launch title, so it was decent for it’s age. Nothing spectacular though.

Overall: If you want a racing game that doesn’t use vehicles play this, otherwise avoid it like the plague.

For those who like: Racing games that don’t use vehicles.

For those who don’t like: Racing games, especially ones that don’t use vehicles.


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