Retro Game Friday: Mega Man ZX


This week on Retro Game Friday I’m covering the sequel series to Mega Man Zero! It’s Mega Man ZX!

Plot Synopsis: Mega Man ZX takes place 200 years after the end of the Mega Man Zero series, in the year 25XX. in which humans and Reploids now coexist peacefully. After some time of peace and prosperity; humans, reploids, and the Humanoids (cyborgs in the Mega Man ZX universe) of Earth manage to revive some of the former Nations. After which, several incidents of mechanical lifeforms becoming Mavericks. The Mavericks made several areas dangerous. Trading between nations became obstructed, which caused the nations to become divided into utopia-like cities such as “Innerpeace.” These cities became safe havens for peaceful reploids, humans and humanoids. The dangerous Mavericks known as Mechaniloids began to appear in the outlands and threatened the peace. The utopia-like cities and the outlands were divided into separate Areas and remarkable developments were made due to the efforts of the corporation Slither Inc. Slither Inc. possessed technology unearthed from ruins in the Outlands. Peaceful life in Innerpeace is maintained by using the technology offered by Slither Inc. Still, Maverick attacks occur in the frontier regions, which are more exposed to the enemy. To repel the attacks, the humanoids in these areas developed an organization devoted to the defending their region. This organization is known as the Guardians. The Guardians defend the Outlands and investigate the cause of the Maverick attacks. The original leader of the Guardians disappears during the investigation of an Outlands area.

Ten years prior to the beginning of the story, the protagonists, Vent (ヴァン Van) and Aile (エール Ēru) lose their mother to a Maverick raid in the amusement park and become orphans. They were taken in by Girouette (ジルウェ Jiruwe) or Giro, the owner of Giro Express, which is a delivery service delivering all kinds of items. Giro is contacted by an unknown person to deliver an important package to a rendezvous point in the Area A forest.

Plot: The plot is actually pretty decent, nothing spectacular however. I enjoyed the fact that it introduced new characters that wasn’t X or Zero, although they do make small cameos sort of.

Characters: I played as Aile first and then played as Vent, there were very few differences between the characters except for some lines of dialogue. Giro was easily my favorite character in the game.

Gameplay: It plays quite a bit like Mega Man Zero, although the ability to switch between different models in combat to fit the situtation was quite nice.My favorite was Model HX although Model ZX is quite fun.

Art: It looks and feels a lot like Mega Man Zero and that’s not a bad thing.

Music: I actually listened to the music for this game! It was amazing.

Overall: If you haven’t played this yet, you ought to as it’s just good fun.

For those who like: Mega Man, Mega Man Zero, Sidescrollers, Gameplay that is actually Difficult.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

5 thoughts on “Retro Game Friday: Mega Man ZX

  1. There is so much good music in the ZX and ZX advent games, even if they aren’t super popular among megaman fans they are rather fun and I really do enjoy fighting Omega on Hard mode.

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